This is a question that is very frequent since at the time of logging in there are some problems that cause the access to our mail Outlook is longer than expected, that is why here you will find solutions. Let us begin.

What sites can you log in to?

You can do it from the browser, the web platform is the most used to open any mail, you can enter by this means either using a computer or your phone, so locate the platform you prefer for example: .com /, this would be the first step.

Now write the following address In the outlook page at the top you tap to log in and from then on you put the email, click on the next option and write your password or phone number, you’re done, you have successfully logged in.

Another option to access is from the login page you can get it at or by its old name, with these sites you will be able to see your inbox.

Frequent problems when logging in

As we mentioned at the beginning, there may be a problem but everything has a solution. Let’s take a look at some common problems and what you can do if they arise.

Forgot password and / or email

Many times our memory has failed us and we may not have saved the password or email, and this is a problem that will not allow us to access the account, what you must do is create another password, in the following link and follow the directions that they will give you.

Blocked account

If what happens is that you are sure that you are entering all the data correctly, you have made sure that the email is well written without capital letters in case of not having, that means account blockedLet’s see what to do in this case.

If Microsoft notices that you have violated any rule or it is an error in the system, it may also have noticed that the account was in danger, it is sure that it will ask you to change the security and recovery data. After this you must wait a period of 30 days of security. This happens in extreme cases but it is not bad to be vigilant.

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Two-step verification

This option makes it more difficult for outsiders who want to enter our account, if you have it active every time you log in with another device that is not trusted, it will send you a security code to the email, phone or authentication application, that is the password you will have to use.

You can’t verify your identity

In order to identity verification It will be sent to the phone number that is registered or to the email. It is the same email where the password recovery code will be received.

How to view emails in Outlook account?

For this you must configure mail display, there you can change the way you see the messages, the reading panel and how the list will appear. After logging into your Outlook account, to configure the display, go to the top of the navigation bar, choose email, then screen settings and there choose the way you like the most and accept to save the changes.

What can I do if an email does not appear in the inbox?

This can happen frequently but don’t be scared you will be able to find that message. There are several options to solve this problem, let’s analyze some:

all problems have solutions

Check spam

Find the folder unwanted mailYou will see this folder in the Outlook folders list and then look for the mail that you have not seen.

Check the other tab

If you have enabled the Priority Inbox option, it is most likely that there are messages that are saved in the others tabYou will see this tab in the inbox, if you find it in others you just have to move it to priority.

Check deleted emails

In the left menu select the folder of the deleted emailsTo see the content remember to expand the folder, once there select the message you want to recover, if it is in this folder.