How to Leverage LinkedIn in a Job Interview

How to Leverage LinkedIn in a Job Interview

The tiktoker Alan Barrera, who has more than 120 thousand followers, reveals some “tricks” to take advantage of LinkedIn in a job interview.

Since its inception, LinkedIn has positioned itself as a platform used primarily to create employment networks.a fact that has helped him, in that sense, to become a great recruiter of talent

According to data from the social network itself, until April of last year there were more than 720 million users, being an essential tool today for companies that are looking for talent and that, thanks to social networks, now they can find it in a much more direct way.

Information of Statistical talk about what The United States is the country with the most LinkedIn users, with more than 180 million active registered accounts in 2021.

Under this context, Mexico is a country with a large community of users attached to LinkedIn, currently reaching 17 million registered usersreason enough to think about an expansion in the region.

Social networks as sources of income

His case is special in a scenario where social networks, in general, play a different role; However, something that cannot be left aside is that, for a few years, we have been talking about platforms that serve as an interesting space where young people make a large part of their creativity known.

TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat, being much more visual, are, right now, the platforms where many talents are developed that, on many occasions, have a great impact on recruiters.

However, let us not forget that, over the last couple of years, TikTok was the social network that managed to position itself in the market, which, until now, is led by Facebookalthough the platform developed by ByteDance already exceeds one billion monthly active users.

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Today, TikTok is, to a great extent, a leader among the new generations, a content platform that is growing day by day and, consequently, is gaining ground in a highly competitive market.

How to take advantage of LinkedIn to have a good job interview

On the other hand, TikTok is also the space where the user Alan Barrera shares tips, advice and other “tricks” so that his followers make better use of their social networks in order to enter the world of work.

Some of its contents include titles such as “Mistakes when making a CV”, “Mistakes when looking for a job”, “Tips to have a good interview” and others that, ultimately, are making him gain followers and supporters.

In one of his most recent videos, the tiktoker reveals some tips or tricks to know how to take advantage of the LinkedIn social network in order to have a good job interview.

As we mentioned above, LinkedIn is, mainly, a social network that works to create work networks, be it with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CMO’s, etc. In other words, it is a platform that works to generate contacts and/or links with said people.

In this sense, Alan Barrera shares three tips to have a good job interview using LinkedIn:

  1. Ask for the name of the person who is going to interview you.
  2. Search for the name of the company and the person (the recruiter) on LinkedIn.
  3. Look for things in common (school, career, people in common) and mention them during the interview.

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