How to know if a person has bipolar bipolar disorder and how to treat it?

How to know if a person has bipolar bipolar disorder and how to treat it?

Cyclothymic disorder:

It is identified when someone has had many periods with hypomanic symptoms and periods with depressive symptoms for at least two years.

There are other types, including those related to the consumption of certain medications or alcoholic beverages.

Causes of bipolar disorder

These can be biological and occur throughout the life of an individual, causing a biochemical change in the brain. But they can also be genetic. Risk factors range from having a direct family member with bipolar disorder, to experiencing periods of high stress, and abuse of alcohol and other substances.

How to treat bipolar disorder?

It is a disease that is suffered for life, but there are methods to treat it and reduce its negative and, sometimes, disabling effects.

Pharmaceutically, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mood stabilizers can be used to help balance the biochemistry of the brain. In this way, mania, hypomania and depression can be prevented. Atypical antipsychotics and antipsychotics can also be used.

Experts warn that when bipolar disorder is diagnosed, then treatment is different from depression.

Finally, to prevent it, it is advisable to avoid the constant consumption of drugs and alcohol, as well as to avoid being subjected to high stress situations. And it is recommended to go to a specialist if you suspect you have it.