In a few days, Apple will release the first public beta version of watchOS 7. A version that, although still in beta and contains errors, Apple considers polished enough to deliver it beyond the developers. Ready? To try all the news that takes the Apple Watch one step further.

watchOS 7: Sleep, Dance, Siri and much more

Watch 2

Before updating the Apple Watch the first thing we have to do is update our iPhone paired to iOS 14. Keep in mind that, unlike an iPhone or iPad, it is not possible to downgrade an Apple Watch. Having said this, let’s go with the steps, which are very simple:

  1. We open the Apple public beta website on our iPhone.
  2. If we have not done so yet, touch Sign up to register. If we are already registered, we touch Sign in to log in.
  3. Fill in our username and password and access the web.
  4. We enter the watchOS section.
  5. We scroll down slightly. Next to the Get started headline we tap on enroll your iOS device.
  6. We tap on Download profile and Allow download.
  7. We touch Install and enter the code of our iPhone.
  8. We touch Install to accept the conditions.
  9. We tap Install again to confirm.
  10. We touch Done or if we are asked to Restart.
  11. We open the Watch app on our iPhone.
  12. We enter the General .
  13. We enter the Software Update.
  14. When the public beta appears, click on Download and Install and enter the device code.

That easy. Once we have started the installation process, our Apple Watch will download all the necessary software and install it on the device. Remember that the watch must be charging and with more than 50% battery to carry out the installation.

Once our Apple Watch is on watchOS 7 the following updates will occur via OTA, that is, in Settings > General > Software update both from our iPhone and from the watch itself.

As always remember that although it is one of the most stable betas that we have seen in recent years, it is still a beta version. Apple recommends that we do not install these versions on everyday devices and that we install them on secondary devices.