New technologies have been innovating by leaps and bounds, today smart TVs are essential in every scenario, or well, rather a Smart TV cannot be missing at home. For this reason, we must explain the functionality of the Chromecast.

A Chromecast is a device that takes care of turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV. The Chromecast is in charge of making the TV work with an internet connection so that it fulfills all the functions of a smart TV.

How should I properly install the Chromecast on a TV?

It is important to perform a correct installation so that the Chromecast can work correctly, connecting and configuring a Chromecast to Wi-Fi or TV is something simple to do, the steps to follow to install the device that will update your TV are the following:

  • The first thing to do is connect USB which brings the Chromecast with the available ports between the Chromecast and the power supply.
  • Second, the HDMI of the Chromecast must be connected to the HDMI input that is available on the TV.
  • In order to proceed with the configuration you must connect power source so that it can receive power and the Chromecast can work.

What is needed to configure your Chromecast?

This time it is important to know that to use a Chromecast it is necessary to perform the previous configuration, but to be able to make the configuration you need certain elements, elements that we are going to tell you what they are.

First, what you can not miss is the Chromecast, after having the device it is mandatory to have “Google Home”In its most up-to-date version, as well as the latest version of“ Google ”in the Google account to be used.

The TV on which the Chromecast is to be installed must have an HDMI input and of course a good definition, having the Chromecast and the TV you have to look for an Android device for configuration, it can be a phone or Tablet, these mobile devices must be compatible with a 5 GHz connection, because otherwise the configuration will not be possible.

By having a fairly strong and stable Internet connection, which is a secure network (it must be a reliable wireless network) you can proceed with the configuration steps and if all the requirements for the functionality of Google Home are met, the installation will be a total success.

How do I set up the Chromecast on a PC?

To configure the Chromecast on a PC, the Chromecast must be connected with the steps that we have indicated above, The Google Home APK must be installed on the PC and to follow in detail the steps indicated by Google Home when opening it.

On windows

If you have already followed all the steps that we have indicated previously, what you must do next to continue and finish with the Chromecast configuration is to enter to be able to install the application on your Windows computer.

google chromecast

On Mac

If your PC is a Mac computer, the only way to do the installation and configuration is by entering the browser to install the Chromecast App through you do not install the App, there is no way to make it work on Chromecast.

What can I do if the configuration was not done correctly?

If you think you have finished with the Chromecast configuration, but it does not want to work, it means that you have not followed the steps that we have indicated to the letter, the solution in these cases is disconnect and delete all what you have done to start the process from scratch and thus be able to make sure that you have done everything as we have indicated and verify that you comply with the established requirements.

What actions can I take once my Chromecast is installed?

There are many actions that can be performed after installing the Chromecast on your TV, since this is a device that converts the TV into a Smart TV, you will have network access from the TV and to applications such as: Netflix, Prime video, HBO, YouTube, Disney Plus, games and the wonders that Google offers.