We all like to give our personal touch to our space, be it physical or virtual. Therefore, in the same way that we decorate our room or office, we also customize the desktop of the PC to our liking. In fact, surely changing the wallpaper is one of the first tasks you carry out when you get a new computer, since in this way it goes from being any computer to your own PC.

Whether you are using your computer or if you are bored with the image you saw on your desktop, it is possible that you still have not found a wallpaper that you like. If this is your case, how about going one step further in customizing and installing an animated wallpaper in Windows? In this way, your desktop will look much more dynamic and original than with traditional static images.

Downloading an animated wallpaper to your PC is a very simple task, and in a few steps you will have your new desktop background ready. In this tutorial we will explain all you have to do to install a moving background on your computer and how you can get it. Let’s do it!

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What is an animated wallpaper

Before telling you where to download animated wallpapers for Windows and how to install them, first of all we are going to explain what exactly is an animated wallpaper.

As its name suggests, it is a desktop background that, unlike traditional tapestries, is not static, but has movement. But how is it possible that it is a dynamic element? By default, Windows 10 wallpapers are static images, But there are some programs that allow you to set as wallpaper a sequence of images or a video adapted for this purpose.

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Of course, although a moving tapestry gives your desk more dynamism, in case you want to install it on your laptop, one detail that you have to take into account is battery consumption. As it is not a static photograph, an animated wallpaper makes the screen consume more energy, so it is important that you keep it in mind when opting for this customization alternative.

How to install an animated wallpaper

Once you have clarified what an animated wallpaper is, then we will tell you how to install it on your PC. You have at your fingertips different programs to install a moving wallpaper in Windows. Among them, the most prominent are Push Video Wallpaper, Rain Wallpaper and Wallpaper Engine.

Of these three alternatives We are going to use Push Video Wallpaper, which has a free trial version and the full version costs 7.46 euros. If you prefer, you can get Rain Wallpaper for 3.29 euros or with Wallpaper Engine for 3.99 euros on Steam.

Download and install Push Video Wallpaper

To get started, enter the Push Video Wallpaper page, click the tab Downloads and click on the first download button, located in the section Push Video Wallpaper. The executable file is only 16 MB. After downloading it to your computer, double click on it to open the installer and follow the wizard’s instructions to install the program.

Once the process is finished, The application will automatically replace your old wallpaper with a battery of animated wallpapers. These are preloaded examples that you can exchange by selecting the corresponding option in the central window of the tab Main. If you use the trial version you will see the label Trial Version at the bottom left of the screen. For the watermark to disappear, it is necessary to acquire the license, which, as we told you before, has a price of 7.46 euros.

In the next point we explain how to configure and manage the wallpapers with this program.

Set your animated wallpaper

Push Video Wallpaper offers you some example animated backgrounds so you can test how they look on your desktop. They are compatible with different formats and screen resolutions, and automatically adjust to your monitor, so you don’t have to worry.

You have the possibility to show only one or create a playlist with several of them. In the central section of the tab Main you will find the four default wallpapers: a video file, an animated GIF, a YouTube video, and a YouTube live stream, all grouped together in the playlist Default. If you don’t click on any of the icons at the top, the list will play in order, going from the first bottom to the second, and so on.

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If you prefer, you can select only one of the animated backgrounds, for example the first of them, Sample: Video File, which is a beach with the sea in motion, and click on the icon Loop (the third from the left) so that only this one is looped. You also have the option of clicking on the icon Shuffle to play the fund list randomly.

If you press the icon Playlist you’ll be able to set up a new playlist, but we’ll explain this later, at the point where we talk about downloading new animated wallpapers.

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At the bottom of the program window you will find live wallpaper playback controls. You can pause the playback, move to the next or return to the previous background, adjust the volume, or remove and add backgrounds.

Click on the tab Settings to go to the program’s configuration options. Here you can set the brightness level or transparency of the desktop icons or when to pause the movement of the animated wallpaper.

Where and how to get animated wallpapers

Push Video Wallpaper supports various formats and allows you to add wallpapers to video files, animated GIFs, YouTube videos, or even YouTube live streams. Therefore, this program allows you as desktop background short and long clips, local files or Internet content. Of course, keep in mind that videos and GIFs must be of an adequate size to be displayed on your screen with good quality.

If you have located a video, animated GIF, or YouTube video that you would like to use as animated wallpaper, click the icon + and look for it on your computer if it is a local file, or click on the icon Add URL and paste the address in case it is an internet video.

If you don’t have any content in mind and would like to explore some designs, click on the icon with three dots and you will enter this link, where there is a gallery of animated wallpapers to download various themes (abstract, beaches, space, waterfalls, sunsets …). When you find one that you like, all you have to do is click on it to download the file to your computer.

You can also find perfect looping videos to use as wallpaper at Videezy. In this portal there is a large archive of quality videos, and many of them can be downloaded for free. Try typing in the search engine Animated background, and among the results you will surely see many interesting designs.

Create a playlist for your animated wallpapers

After downloading the animated wallpapers for Windows that you like the most, Push Video Wallpaper allows you to create a custom playlist to group them and reproduce them on the desktop of your computer. To do this, click on the icon Playlist in the upper right and select the option New. Then, write the name you would like to give it in the text field and press the button Okay.

Then click on the button + in the lower right corner, locate the folder where the file you want to add to your list is saved, select it and click on Add to playlist. Repeat the operation with all the moving wallpapers you want to include and adjust the playback preferences to your liking. In case you want to remove one of the wallpapers from the list, all you have to do is select it and touch the icon – from the toolbar at the bottom.

Remember that you also have the option to add YouTube videos. To do so, click on the icon Add URL and paste the content address to add it to your playlist.

You have the possibility to create many different playlists to manage all the wallpapers. A good idea is to organize them by theme, so you can change the moving wallpaper on your desktop whenever you want with a single click.