How to insert footnotes and end of page in Excel step by step

How to insert footnotes and end of page in Excel step by step

Working on the personal computer can be very easy due to all the tools that come with its use, but for this reason, we should not take it as an excuse to end up doing a mediocre job.

If we want to write an investigative document, we can simply copy and paste all the information we get on the internet and then call it a “job”.

But, if we do this, we leave all the aesthetic presentation aside, as well as the synthesis that was obtained through the work and the importance that it can mean for us that it becomes implicit in the quality of the work that simply ends up being mediocre.

Given this, the aesthetics and presentation of a work done on a computer take an important meaning, since it is a sign of professionalism and concern for our own work. We must take matters into our own hands and start using all the resources we have available to do a good job.

To do this, we can insert all kinds of images, detail the graphics that we have built with so much effort, take the time that the colors we use to combine and that the font is attractive and legible.

With this in mind, we might not think of putting so much effort into the overall presentation of a spreadsheet, but the reality ends up being a very different one.

Within each spreadsheet, we have to take into account that there is a sheet full of data of all kinds that we can use to make graphs, expose all kinds of data in mathematical equations or not and much more.

But it is for the same reason that perhaps, when exposing all this data that we have in our hands, we should use all the resources that we have available for the aesthetics of it, such as the footers.

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How to insert footnotes and end of page in Excel step by step

Footer in Excel

Spreadsheets are used for a wide variety of things, such as organizing a series of data, numerical or not, in any order; or perform all kinds of equations in order to demonstrate a problem qualitatively through empirical tests and data. They are not usually used with aesthetics in mind, as this is usually left out in calculations.

However, spreadsheet programs such as Excel, take great care in this, where you can structure the data as you prefer in a spreadsheet and the program will help you present it in an appropriate way.

This can be done in different ways, but probably the most original and least used is the inclusion of data or text within the footer. These are often used in order to give extra information or to put an interesting twist on the general format of a spreadsheet.

How to insert footnotes and end of page in Excel step by step


Footers are usually an excellent resource if they are used properly within an Excel file, and although they cannot be displayed in normal view, they are perfect for adding extra data in a page layout visualization and if they are to be printed This way, so by the time you do it the person can see text at the bottom of each page.

In order to add a footer and a header in the process of creating an Excel file, you must go to the “Insert” menu in an Excel file, and then go to the ” Header ” button. Foot p. 

By doing it you will be able to visualize the fields at the beginning and end of the page where you can put the data you want for a good footnote.