The Valheim is of vital importance to survive getting materials that allow us to make other secondary objects. However, our inventory is not unlimited and is limited by a certain weight. Therefore, at a certain point, the need to increase the capacity of this will be of vital importance to be able to move forward.

In the following guide we will tell you how to gain weight that our character can carry in order to continue exploring the dangerous biomes that are presented to us in this game. Do not miss it!

How to increase cargo weight in Valheim

To increase the weight from 300 to 450 we need to get the Megingjord belt. This is achieved by buying it for 950 coins at Merchant Haldor. In addition to this, we will also have 150 more inventory spaces.

The belt works as an accessory, that is, we can decide when to wear it or not and it should be equipped. We remember that if we exceed the maximum weight that our character can carry, the resistance will quickly run out and we will not be able to move from our site until we release our load, which can be a big inconvenience.

How to find the Merchant in Valheim

The difficulty in getting the belt lies mainly in finding the Merchant Haldor. It is generally found in the Black Forest biome, but its location changes.

To find it, the ideal is to wait for the night so that the lights of your camp are more perceptible and thus be able to see it from a further distance. If it is less than 300 meters away, we will see an indicator on the map that indicates the location of the seller.

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Besides the belt, Haldor also sells other objects that are important to keep in mind:




ymir meat


Building material that can be used to make the sled.

dverger hoop


Illuminate the areas near the character. It acts as a flashlight.



Used for fishing.

Fishing bait


It is combined with the rod to be able to fish.

yule hat


It is a cosmetic

How to get money in Valheim

Haldor not only serves to buy, but also to sell you the treasures that we find throughout our expeditions. On many occasions we will find objects such as rubies, gems, amber and others that we can sell at the following prices:


sale price



5 coins

From chests or enemies when defeated.

amber pearl

10 coins

We find them in the burial chambers of the Black Forest


20 coins

We can find them in chests, in the burial chambers or in the Crypts.

Silver necklace

30 coins

Of treasures or skeletal remains.

Generally we will have to explore the map a lot to get both treasures, and piles of coins. If we do enough research we will see that the map is full of chests, wrecks, tombs, crypts and caves that house the loot and money we need. The Black Forest and the Swamp are the two biomes that currently have the most collection areas.

How to get money in Valheim

How to explore crypts in Valheim and what it is for