In these days of Black Friday on Amazon and in the coming Christmas days, many people are faced with a problem. Gifts they buy with the intention of being a surprise on Christmas Eve or Three Kings Day are exposed to the view of any person in the family who enters the “Orders” section of the account, normally shared.

To avoid this, It is common to ask friends to buy something for us, so that the person to whom we are going to give the gift does not find out until we deliver it.. However, having another account can cause future problems and inconveniences, such as not remembering where we buy a certain product, and not being able to process the guarantee.

Therefore, we are going to tell you how to hide orders on Amazon so that no one else sees it and the surprise is real. To avoid more scares, keep in mind that when you buy something, the Amazon application can notify you of the order placed on any mobile or tablet where it is installed.


How to hide Amazon orders on the web

Once we have bought what we want to give away on Amazon, the first step to hide orders will be to move the mouse cursor over the “Hello Name of the person – Account and lists” section. That will display a menu in which we will see “My account”. “My account – My orders”. It is in My orders where we have to click.

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After that, a web will appear in which we will see “My orders” that shows our latest purchases. Once we are before the request of what we want to give away, we will only have to look for the button “Archive order“.

The option to “Archive order” appears in both recent and old orders, so to use it you just have to look for the item you want to hide, it will be purchased when it is purchased. When archiving them, Amazon tells us that we can archive up to 500 orders, and they can always be consulted in the Archived Orders section, to which it offers us the link.

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Archived orders can be unarchived to return to the My Orders list with all others. What must be clarified is that in the archived orders section you cannot make folders or protect the orders with a password, so if the person from whom we want to hide the order enters, they will still see it. That is why it is good to explain it at home if you share an account.