WhatsApp is the leading messaging application in the world, as millions of people enjoy the tools offered by the app to communicate with family and friends. Undoubtedly, one of the functions that please WhatsApp users is the famous emojis and the states, where, in the latter, they can share images, videos and animated GIF files to make the contacts added the moments that they are living. But how to hide WhatsApp states from a contact?

We know that the content that is shared through the states is valid for 24 hours and then disappear from the view of the contacts, that is, if it was not seen at the time, it can never be seen. On many occasions, it usually happens that the user does not want a certain contact added to their list to see what he or she publishes so there is a way to prevent your content from being visible in a certain contact, only in those that you decide.

Steps to hide WhatsApp status from a person

  1. The first thing to do is enter WhatsApp
  2. Once inside the app, go to the States section
  3. Go to the top right to State Privacy
  4. Once State Privacy is selected, three options will appear; My contacts, My contacts except and Only share with
  5. You must select the point that says My contacts, except, if you want a specific contact not to see your status every time you share content
  6. After selecting the option to choose and the contact or contacts, press the OK option
  7. Once you have selected any option, you can be sure that every time you share content, your status will be hidden for the contacts you selected in your list.

This is how WhatsApp emojis would be heard if they had sound

We know that the emojis are part of the conversations that are carried out through WhatsApp or some social network because they are a plus within the chats to reinforce a feeling or replace a phrase, but you can imagine how the emojis would be heard if they had sound, an Italian artist created a sound for these.

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Recently it became known that an artist with his electric guitar created sounds in which he included one of the emojis. The communication changed from the moment the emojis came into the life of the human being since we know that only one of these can significantly improve the conversation and we do not doubt that it would improve it more with its own sound.

The Italian artist named Davidlap, who has thousands of subscribers on YouTube and who is known for making many musical occurrences with the help of his electric guitar, created a sound for the famous emojis.

Without a doubt, this video that he shared on the platform is one of the ones that has attracted the most attention, since the curiosity of the users to know how the emojis would sound has taken them to his channel.

“Sounds of emojis with guitar”, the video was titled by the Italian artist, who just a few days after hanging it on the platform has more than 500 thousand visits, because it has drawn much attention that the sounds are very similar to objects and real elements that each user has as emoji.

One of the most captivating Internet users has been the barking of the dog, the plane and the sound of the storm. Davidlap has also shared on his YouTube channel videos of Star Wars effects and terrifying sounds.