In addition to a rather challenging secret boss, Deltarune Chapter 2 features a very curious secret route (and gloomy) that gives a very dark touch to the game. Shooting it is not easy, but it reveals a lot of important information regarding the possible future of the game.

Before you start it, you should know one thing: during this route, you will see pretty nasty stuff. The basis is to corrupt one of the most innocent characters in all of history, turning him into a kind of pawn who justifies everything he does because he “follows orders.”

How to get the secret route “Snowgrave” from Chapter 2 of Deltarune

This route begins the moment you arrive at the dump. What you do so far will give a bit of the same:

  • Just arrived, go find noelle. Once you’ve done that, go back to the garbage can, to the Spamton store. On the way, kill all the enemies you come across ONLY with Noelle, freezing us.
  • Now, head to the room with the poster of the ferris wheel, in which you will have (IN THIS ORDER), to kill the enemies with ice, go to the NPC on the right, tell him that you and Noelle are “something else” and force him to get the ring. Put it on.
Noelle Route Poster

This is the room

  • After this, proceed normally freezing ALL enemies with Noelle. In the second puzzle, tell Noelle to “proceed” to freeze the puzzle.
  • In the room with the two roads, there is the garbage can area. Said garbage can will tell you how many enemies you still have to freeze to be able to get a special ring. Advance to freeze your remaining enemies and return to the cube to get the ring for 2,000 money.
Trash can

This cube will tell you how many enemies you have left to defeat

  • Equip the new ring next to the ice ring and face Birdly. Use the attack that costs 100% of the action points to finish him off in a single attack.
  • From here on, you don’t have to kill enemies in any special way. Proceed through the castle until get to the final boss, who will be the secret boss of the chapter. However, you will do it solo with Kris.
  • When you have a 10% life It will greatly reduce the damage you take, so call Ralsei, Susie and Noelle to finish the battle.
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We will not give much more details of what you will find on this route: we want it to be a surprise. Try take a normal or pacifist route first to see ALL the differences, which are not few.