How to get the Age of Darkborn ending in Elden Ring

How to get the Age of Darkborn ending in Elden Ring


If you’re playing Elden Ring and you want to get 100 percent of your options, you probably want to hit the different endings you’ve provided Software this time. The simplest of them is the Age of Fracture ending, with which you don’t have to do anything specific to unlock it, although there are many others with which you have to fulfill specific secondary tasks. In our complete Elden Ring guide we explain how to get them all so you know exactly what steps to follow.

This time we are going to talk about final Age of the Darkborn and everything you have to do to unlock it and reach it. For it, you will have to meet several secondary characters and follow some of their requests, getting specific objects and following certain patterns. If you want to see the ending Age of the Darkborn and you don’t know what to do, then we will explain it to you step by step.

What to do to unlock the ending Age of the Darkborn

In order to reach the end Age of the Dark-born, you will have to meet two secondary characters, although these in turn will lead you to others, they are Fia and Roger. Therefore, from the moment you unlock the Round table go see Fia and get her warm hug. She now advances to Stormshroud Castle, where you’ll have to meet rogier. It will be in a church that you can access through a window. Now your next step will be beat godrick.

When you do it, Go back to the Round Table and talk alternately with Fia and Rogier. until the dialogue options are exhausted. Now return to Stormshroud Keep and head to the Catacombs. Go through them, by the only possible path and you will end up finding the Pustule of the Prince of Death. This is the important point to continue with the route of the final Age of the Dark-born, because right next to it you will see a blood stain, where you will observe the death of Rogier. On this round trip return to the Round Table and talk to both characters againexhausting their dialogue options.

Now they will give you a clue about the eye of the black daggers. Can you imagine where it is? Sure enough, go back to the Stormshroud Castle Catacombs: you’ll have to defeat the Assassin of the Black Knives, who will deliver the precious object to you. Again, she returns to the Round Table and Give the Black Dagger Eye to Rogier. Once you do, it will ask you to find the Death Sealwhich is related to the Star Age ending, so progress to this point by fulfilling all of its conditions.

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Fia’s quest and battle against the Lich Dragon Fortissax

dragon lich elden ring

When you’ve done that, proceed through the main story until defeat the two bosses of Great Rune, where you can talk to Fia again, as always, exhausting her dialogue options. This time, he will give you a dagger that you must give to D, also in the Round Table. Once you give it to him, you will have to return to the Midlands to pass the time and return to the Round Table, where you will see Fia again, in the room down the stairs where the blacksmith is. He talks to her and when you finish the conversation, she will leave.

You are reaching the final stages of the route to reach the final Age of the Darkborn, but now you will face one of the key moments, so pay close attention. Advance through the main story until Deep Root Funduntil you face the Fia’s Champion. When you defeat him, Fia will appear and here you can screw everything up if you don’t make the right decision: you have to accept Fia’s hug. while you do it, ask them about stigmata and continue the conversation, when you will be offered the opportunity to give him the Seal of Death. He will give you the Blessing of the Radiant Canopy and choose the option to talk secret.

Now it’s your turn to make time pass in Gracia’s place next to you. When you do, you will see that Fia is asleep, so you will have to interact with her in order to face Lich Dragon Fortissax. It will be a challenging battle, but when you beat him and interact with Fia again, you will receive the Repair Rune of the Prince of Death, a crucial item to reach the final Age of the Darkborn. Now follow the story to the end of the game and when you defeat the Circle Beast, choose to approach the wreckage and use the rune to see the ending. Congratulations, you’ve made it!

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