Telegram is an instant messaging application where videos, images, audios, among others, are very easy to download, you can get them in a very short time since you do not need a very fast internet for the delivery or sending of files of any kind, this is what attracts its users, the easy mobility of files.

Therefore, you can use this application to receive videos and then make use of them in other social networks. In this article we will show you how to send Telegram videos to WhatsApp very easily and without any problem.

What is the regular procedure in which you can share Telegram videos by WhatsApp from the App?

Now that you have used Telegram intermediary to get files as videos, you can share them to the WhatsApp application, for them you must follow the following steps depending on your device

From Android

  1. The first thing you should do is open the Telegram application. Search through your apps and click on the icon that says Telegram.
  2. Being inside you must go to the chat where the video is you want to send to the other network.
  3. Click on the file to send, here you will see some options, you must select Share.
  4. A list will now appear where they will show you to which social network Telegram is allowed to send files.
  5. You must choose the WhatsApp option.
  6. Next, it will throw you to a list of your WhatsApp, you can send it to a group, contact or if you want your state, select the one you want.
  7. Now press the send icon and you’re done.

With the iPhone app

  1. Enter Telegram.
  2. Go to chat where is the video what do you want to send.
  3. Now hold down the chosen video until the options appear.
  4. Click on Share.
  5. Then do click on the WhatsApp option.
  6. Locate where you want to send the video in your application.
  7. Click submit.

Unfortunately, Telegram Web you do not have the option to share multimedia through itself to other platforms such as WhatsApp Web. In order to get your Telegram file to be transferred to another social network, you must download said file and then from your storage send it to your other applications, you can do it in the following way:

telegram application

  1. Enter Telegram Web.
  2. Go to the video you want to share.
  3. Now you must second click on the message where the video is and you will download it to your computer.
  4. If you already have the file for your use, you can go to WhatsApp Web and then locate the contact you want to send the item to.
  5. Click to attach a file, here you must choose between your videos, photos, audios, among others.
  6. Having already selected the file click on Send.
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How large should the videos that are shared by WhatsApp be the maximum?

WhatsApp places a estimated size limit for sending videos, it will only allow if said file weighs maximum 100 MB. In the event that you have a file with more megabytes than allowed on this platform, you should try to compress, or send it in parts. It is advisable to make sure in which formats the videos are best sent on WhatsApp.

What are the best compressors that can be used to fit videos to WhatsApp?

If you have a video that exceeds the estimated size limit in WhatsApp, which is 100 megabytes, you can use the options to partition the video or compress it. To compress your files you can use an application that is easy and fast. Next, we will tell you what the best applications for you to compress your file in the easiest and safest way:

Wondershare UniConverter

If you wish edit, compress or convert your video Wondershare UniConverter is the perfect platform to do it. It brings with it an extensive toolbar for you to use in your videos. This application allows you to convert videos of all kinds, you can even select the average output size based on the quality and format of the video.

send videos in telegram

If you want to send a video on WhatsApp that does not have the size required by the social network, this application allows you to compress or trim videos so that your shipment is successful. It also gives you the option to change the file format so that it has a better receptivity on the platform.

Video Compressor

Video Compressor is an application that allows compress or downsize video. It allows you to edit multiple videos at the same time so you don’t waste time.

WhatsApp has a limit to admit videos, which is 100 megabytes, if you exceed this limit you can use the Video Compressor application, which will allow you to reduce the size of your video, you can get the video already edited with the format you had before . Its use is very easy and intuitive compared to the previous application, so you will not have any inconvenience when compressing your video.