Not only can we ensure that they are always present on the desktop panel of our smartphone, but we can also ensure that it is always activated on the smartphone screen, something that will come in handy in case we are going to leave the phone to someone else and we don’t want him to gossip on his cell phone. Although, we will also explain how to set your favorite apps in the famous share menu, a tool that is widely used today to send all kinds of files and documents from our phone. And, in this way, you will always have your favorite apps at hand.

In the share menu

Over time we have been enjoying different changes in the Google operating system, previously the so-called share menu had an interface that not everyone understood and it was even a bit tedious to use. Although, in the most recent versions of Android we can already enjoy the simple fact of customizing it a little more to our needs, so that in this way we can establish the order that each one wants in this tool.

Since the arrival of Android 11, it is possible to modify without any problem the order in which the applications are displayed in this window. More than anything, because it offers us the possibility of pin apps in this very useful tool. Thus, we can always have among the first options those apps that we want to use when sharing any type of content.

In addition, the steps to set an app on a mobile with Android 11 are very easy. The first thing you have to do is enter an app where you have to use this window. Or also, open a photo in the gallery of your smartphone and click on share. When the share menu opens, find the favorite app that you constantly use to send this content. Then, press and hold on its icon and click on Set. Finally, you only have to repeat this same process with other apps that you want to have in the first place.

By performing these steps, these applications will be displayed in the order that we have believed will benefit us the most when sending content to our contacts. Therefore, we will not waste much time when we look for the app to send our files to.

On the desk

In other sections where we can fix applications on Android mobiles It will be in its main panel, that is, the initial desktop of our smartphone. In this way, we will not only prevent them from getting disordered by themselves, or that we will never find this app, but we will put it in a safe place so that we do not take more time than the account to enter our favorite application.

However, and unlike what happens on other occasions, the option to block the design of our mobile does not come from Android Stock In them we will not have more possibilities than to pin apps on screen bottom of suggestions.

To at least benefit from that option, we only have to keep our finger pressed at the moment that an app that we use frequently appears in the lower area, this will show us a small pin that we must press.

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fix android apps

With this change, the position of that app will never change again and we will have to remove it manually to be able to change its position. In the case of stock Android, there are no options for integrating new icons on the home screen, since they are not added natively.

On the contrary, in the other customization layers we will have to inquire between their settings. We will only have to use the quick search engine within the configuration by typing Lock home screen layout or similar to find this function.

Always active app

With this method, on the other hand, you will ensure that an application always remains in the foreground on your phone screen, that is, an app will remain active and cannot be closed to use another. This can be something useful in cases such as when you are going to lend your mobile to someone for a moment, for example, in order to be sure that it will not leave the app and start gossiping on your mobile. Although, it will also be useful if we are only using a specific application for a long time.

Enable snapping

Before using this tool, we will have to activate it from its settings. To do this, go to the Security and location section of your device. In case you do not have a pure Android phone, you will have to look for the option that includes these two terms with the search engine within the settings.

Once you are inside this section, we just have to press the switch Screen fix or with a similar name. And it is that, by default, this function will always be deactivated, that is, we will have to activate it manually.

In addition, when entering its menu, you will see the instructions that will explain how we can use this function. From that moment, when you enter the recent applications screen, you will have the option to set any of them.

Set an app

Once this functionality is activated, what you have to do now is enter the recent applications screen by pressing the Android Square button, or the equivalent of your manufacturer’s customization layer, or simply use the gesture to open recent apps . When you are in it, click on the icon of the app itself that is in the upper central part.

Pin app on Android

When you click on it, it will show you on the application icon several options will appear. In them, you will have to choose the option Pin up, which will only appear if you have previously enabled it as we have just explained.

How to get out

For stop pinning a screen, we must take into account the following. The first, if we use gesture navigation, we will have to slide our finger up and keep it pressed. However, if we use a navigation with 2 buttons, we will have to press and hold both the back button and the home button at the same time.

Finally, if we use a navigation with 3 buttons, we will have to press and hold both the Go back like Recent Apps. In addition, it is likely that in order to exit screen pinning, you will have to enter your PIN or use the main method with which you usually unlock your phone.