how to find it and where to use it to avoid a frantic fate

how to find it and where to use it to avoid a frantic fate

The Michelle’s Needle It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and complicated objects to obtain in the Elden Ring due to all the steps that must be taken beforehand to obtain it. Below I will tell you what all these steps are, how to obtain the needle and what use you can give it.

Important Notice: This guide contains spoilers for various quest threads as well as Elden Ring bosses.

Miquella’s needle: salvation from a dire fate

Let’s say you’ve followed one or more of the following quest threads:

In any case, the only way to get Miquella’s Needle is by getting the immaculate gold spire after completing Millicent’s quest thread. And what is it for? Reverse the effects of agreeing to become the Lord of Frenzy Flame after having crossed the door under the catacombs of Leyndell, capital of the kingdom, to save Melina from her fate or out of sheer ambition for power.

Obtained the Golden Needle in Millicent’s questline. Now go to Malenia, Sword of Miquella (in the lowest part of the Hieratic Tree), and kill him. Rest in grace to recharge the world and approach the body of the Valkyrie. It will give you the option to give him the Immaculate Gold Needle and it will be returned to you as Miquella’s Needle. If you have attended the story, you will understand the power that has just fallen into your hands.

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“I must give something back to Malenia. The pride, the self-awareness, that has allowed her to resist the call of the red rot.”

Getting Miquella’s Needle is just the first step. Now you have to go to the “heart of farum azula“. Why don’t you guess where said heart is? Exactly, in the secret area that we collected in our collection of guides.

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Go there, defeat the boss and rest in grace to recharge the world. Next, he opens the inventory and use Miquella’s Needle to avoid your fate as Lord of the Frenzy Flame.

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