How to Find and Fix Broken Links – Quick and Easy

How to Find and Fix Broken Links – Quick and Easy

Regularly, users who are constantly browsing through the internet, sporadically find broken links, and it is a real nuisance. Since regardless of the reason why we want to access the page, this error will always represent a waste of time or a waste of resources.

Putting it in examples, some people download PDF file but in this search, you may come across broken links many times.

Why do broken links originate?

How to Find and Fix Broken Links - Quick and Easy

Broken links can appear for different reasons, among the main ones are server crashes. What is a web server? Servers are those machines that operate constantly so that users can access the web pages that operate for the work on said equipment.

Another of the most frequent problems is the bad writing on the part of some users in the URL. In other words, some users misspell said address and therefore people who want to access the page with this link will have the problem popularly known as 404 error, which we can solve.

There is also the case of moving the web page to another domain, although normally those in charge of that page are in charge of anticipating this action with a long time. Other well-known case is what happened in Megaupload, where the page presented problems due to copyright infringement.

How do you affect broken links in terms of marketing?

Dropped links have a great influence in terms of marketing terms, and this is due to several factors and consequences that can be observed when they appear. For example, some users will no longer visit the page regularly because they will think that it is no longer working.

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It can also happen that the dissatisfaction of some users for wanting to enter the page and see the error as err_connection_refused and they have no solution, would encourage them to look for other pages with the same purpose or where the same products can be purchased. Which in the long run will represent that the user will prefer this new page.

In addition, we will not only have problems with the direct relationship of the client and the page, since we can hinder the action of updating indexes that Google robots are in charge of, and therefore, we can lose positions in the search results of the same.

How to fix broken links in WordPress

Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker
Developer: WPMU DEV
Price: Free

How to Find and Fix Broken Links - Quick and Easy

Broken Link Checker is a plugin that we can find for blogs with WordPress operation, where we can visualize the broken links that we have in the blog and we did not know. To install it, we just have to go to the Plugins sectionadd a new one, put the name in the search bar and that’s it.

When it has been installed, we just click on activate and the program will automatically look for the links. Now, to see what broken links the plugin has got, we just look for the tool option and select broken links.

To solve the broken link, we only have to search among the list that has appeared for those that appear in the broken classification, and click on edit URL, where we proceed to correct the transcription error regarding the link that will appear and now is. The broken link problem will be fixed.

Thanks to this tool, many WordPress users can be much more attentive to the subject in a more optimal and efficient way, thanks to the Broken Link notification system immediately informing about problems that arise with the URL.