Sleeping does not strictly expel alcohol from your body, but it is a crucial step in getting your body back to normal.

Drink fluids

Alcohol dehydrates you, causing a headache and making you feel lethargic the next morning. You should always have three liquids on hand: water to rehydrate you, electrolytes to conserve the water you are drinking, and tea to deal with nausea and dizziness. Add a little ginger to speed up the alcohol metabolism process.


Eating is perhaps the most effective way to flush alcohol from your system. The toxins in alcohol can lower blood sugar, so it is important to find balance and eat something. Even if food disgusts you at the moment, try to make some light food; Some crackers are a good option. Later, when your body can handle it, try eating foods rich in vitamin D.

move on

You probably don’t feel like moving an inch, but doing some physical activity helps flush out toxins. Sweating and breathing deeper will help you release toxins naturally, but you will also receive more oxygen, which will make it easier for your liver to filter out toxins. It is advisable to go for a walk or do a yoga routine.

I never do it again

Have you been saying this all morning? No one believes in you. However, it does not hurt that you know a few things so that next time you will be better prepared. To avoid a hangover you have to eat before you drink, have a glass of water between drinks, put a limit on the amount of alcohol you are going to drink and do not mix different types of alcohol.

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Remember that the best way to avoid having alcohol to expel from your body is by drinking responsibly