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How to embed an MP4 video in a WordPress post or page

How to embed an MP4 video in a WordPress post or page

A video can show everything we want to convey and get people’s attention. This can actually be more powerful than a simple image. In fact, we can even embed an MP4 video in WordPress to get a lot of views.

Since if we have videos on our web pages or a personal blog, surely the traffic we will have will be much more active and constant. Users love to see the content of this type, let’s make sure we have them.

When we are editing our content in WordPress to place it on our website we can place that video that complements the information.

The most common format that is currently used is MP4 and we can assemble it very easily in a few steps. Would you like to know how to insert an MP4 video into a WordPress post or page? Thinking of helping you, we have prepared this post that explains it to you.

How do we insert an MP4 video in WordPress?

First, let’s keep in mind that the size of the video that we upload may be 2Mb. Once we start the account that we have registered in this web page editor and having emptied the content, we can look at the “Add object” icon.

This is located at the top of the input editing toolbar and is easy to distinguish by its camera and music drawing. When pressing them, a window will be available from where we can upload the files.

How to embed an MP4 video in a WordPress post or page

Now we have to choose from where we want to upload the video. It may be that we have it saved in the files of our computer or that we have an external link from which to extract it.

In case we have it on the computer, press “Select file” and this will take us to explore the folders saved on the PC. When we find it, we click on it and wait for it to be fully loaded.

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To add it from an external link, we go to the site where it is and copy the URL. We go back to WordPress and paste that address in the “video URL” section. When you have done the upload, we click on “Insert into post.”

As the last step, click on the “Preview” button and it will give us a preview of how the video that we have placed in the entry will look like. If the player works correctly we will see that the content will develop without problems.

With the certainty that what we want is present, we look for the “Publish” button that is towards the top right of the page, press and that’s it!

Video file metadata

Video files with their tags and their respective metadata are as relevant as image or audio files. The three sections that WordPress enables to mark the videos (name, legend and description), it is convenient that we fill them out.

How to embed an MP4 video in a WordPress post or page

Compatibility of the other video formats with the WordPress player

The multimedia library of this website editor allows handling and uploading of around twenty different video formats.

However, the native WordPress media player only supports the following video extensions: MP4, .WEBM, .WMV, .M4V, .OGV, and .FLV. To be able to reproduce any other extension, it can only be carried out if you have other plugins to do it.

We have explained how we can insert an MP4 video on a page or post in WordPress. Let’s remember to label them properly and insert it in the most appropriate place. We also clarify other small details that we must take into account when we have to work on our account in the application.

We hope that this content has been of great use to you, so leave us your comment and we will read it with pleasure, we want to be better every day and we will only achieve it with your help.