For most users who want to learn how to use applications to create and edit publications, Microsoft Office Publisher is a great option.

In the next tutorial, we will explain in a very simple way to use a basic function for it. So next we’ll show you how to edit a publication’s color and font scheme in Microsoft Publisher.

With this application, we can easily create and customize different publications but in a simpler way than those made with Word.

We have already seen how simple and fast it is to make a triptych in Word step by step. In the next work, we will see how easy it is to edit the color and font scheme of a publication in Microsoft Publisher.

How to edit the color and font scheme of a publication in Microsoft Publisher

With the Microsoft Publisher application, as with the others that make up the Office package, we can edit the combination of colors and fonts of a publication in Microsoft Publisher. This action can be done simply from the beginning of a new blank publication or from a template, which we can create from the information panel.

We can also do it when we are editing the publication from the Page Design tab. For example, if we choose an integrated template, on the right we can see the information panel box, where we will edit the combination of colors and fonts of said template.

When you apply a combination of colors or fonts, the application will automatically change all the font styles and colors of the publication. We must bear in mind that when the color combinations are changed, the color palette of the color tool will also change.

We can use default font and color combinations or we can create them and give it a custom touch. It is also important to know that the colors that we are going to take will be those that appear grouped in the upper part of the color palette. And not the standard colors, since the color scheme will not be modified.

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How to edit font and color scheme from the Page Layout tabs

How to edit the color and font scheme of a publication in Microsoft Publisher

To be able to change the color and font scheme of a publication from the page layout tab. We must do a clip on this tab in the top menu and then we go to the combination list. In this one, we can get more combinations, if we go to the lower right corner and click on the plus button (+).

Once this action has been carried out, a wide variety of color combinations will be displayed, from which we can select the one that best applies to the style of our publication. We only have to position ourselves on each one of them and we will see at the moment how this combination is applied to our publication.

This is what we must do with respect to the combination of colors, for font styles, we can also choose a different one than those offered by the combination. We do this if we click on the Fonts option and this action will display several different styles of fonts.

Another option that we can choose to create our own combination of fonts and colors, to do this we will go to the Page Design tab. Then in the group of combinations, we select the plus button (+) so that more combinations are displayed. Then we go to the end and select the Create new color scheme option.

When doing this, the window will appear and in it we can see the different elements available to which I can edit the combination. We will also see a sample of the selected text and a preview of the changes that are being made.

And so we can easily carry out this type of editing in our publications and save them to apply them again in future projects. In this way we finished this practical tutorial that could teach you  how to edit the color and font combination of a publication in Microsoft Publisher.

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