Technology is advancing every day and there are more and more applications that facilitate us and get us out of trouble, for example, if we have a series of computers connected to the same network, knowing how to turn them off without having to go to each one would be excellent . It would also be really useful to have control of the computer on our phone. Let’s see how can we shut down the computer remotely, there are several options, here we will show you some.

Methods to shut down or restart your Windows computer

Shutting down the computer is an action that must be done every time we have finished working, it is something very simple to do. If you wish shutdown or restart your Windows computer remotely successfully There are three methods to do it, let’s see which ones.

With command prompt

That’s right, from the command prompt we can shut down or restart the computer. The command prompt is a Windows-based command interpreter, using the command prompt we can configure computer shutdown using special commands.

To get to the command prompt you can press the Windows key + R on the keyboard at the same time. You will see a Run window, there you can write whatever you want, in this case write cmd and press enter to accept. From there cmd.exe will open and you can type the command, there are many commands that you can carry out at the command prompt.

The following command: shutdown / m \ pcname / s (where it says pcname goes the name of your computer or the one that is going to shut down). If you want to restart you just have to put shutdown / m \ pcname / r / f this command restarts the computer

With shutdown dialog

To shut down your computer remotely using the shutdown dialog you must open cmd.exe. On the keyboard press Windows + r at the same time, when you open the cmd.exe window you will type: shutdown -i and you enter, it will open the remote shutdown dialog window.

Click add, so you can add the name of your computer or the one you are shutting down. Select the command, once selected click on accept.

Something important to remember is that for the remote shutdown to work you must have the administrative privileges on computers. The remote service must be active on the remote computer. And remote management firewall exceptions must be active as well, otherwise none of the commands are valid.

With the command line

To use this option you need to be at least from the administrators group, on the remote computer team. You must open Command Prompt cmd, use the keyboard shortcuts or search for it from the beginning. Once the window you can write the commands you want either turn off the computer, restart and notify.

What are the advantages of having a remote shutdown on your computer?

As you can, the options above present us with many advantages, we can control the equipment using commands, without having to move through each of the computers that we have under the same network, saving time. Another advantage is that if we are at home and we have forgotten to turn off the computer, we can turn it off from home. And there are so many commands that you can choose how you want to shut down or restart your computer.

Use the best applications to shut down a PC remotely

What are the best external applications to shut down a Windows PC remotely?

There are many applications that are developed to help us have control, from a central computer of the computers that are under the same network, there are also applications that allow us to turn off the PC from the phone. Let’s see below four that can be very useful to shut down a Windows PC remotely

Remote reset X

Remote desktop is one of the applications that allows you to connect remotely to the desktop of another computer that is on the same network or can be used over the internet. It is an excellent tool that is in Windows 10 pro.


This program allows you to manage computers from a central computer over a local network. You can turn on or off and perform other operations with computers that are on the network.

Microsoft Power Shell

This is an application of automation solutions, administration, and configuration of tasks in multiplatform, by means of a shell of command lines. Here you will see more about Power Shell.


This application is like a server that allows you to have remote access to other computers from other PCs. You must configure it and it will be ready to be used.