How to easily place buttons or icons of social networks in Blogger

How to easily place buttons or icons of social networks in Blogger

One of the best ways in which you can promote your different pages and social networks is by placing quick access buttons to it, within your blog in Blogger.

Blogger is an excellent platform, in which you can place, capture and send your projects and thoughts to hundreds of people. Being such a versatile common space, within it you can create a web page through different functions, configurations and also add those elements that make your community feel much more comfortable.

Within this post, we want to give you all the necessary tools so that you can place social media buttons quickly, simply and easily.

How to easily place buttons or icons of social networks in Blogger

What are the benefits of placing the buttons for social networks

In addition to giving your space a much more professional appearance and giving your users the ability to find you through the most popular social networks, these buttons give this webspace a current and dynamic appearance, since these elements are not ornaments, but also commonly used tools.

The benefits of it, we can divide them in various ways, however, we can list them in a simple way as follows: support for social traffic, support with the virility of the contents, guarantee an increase in your followers not only within the blog but also within the applications that you place within the buttons.

Where can I download icons and different widgets for networks?

In general, these kinds of tools are used as communication bases for different web pages, which also, by default, include their own elements or special tools for their own widgets.

However, if what you are looking for is the option of giving your page a different touch that will help you with its aesthetics, here we leave you a list of pages that will help you with that purpose.

  • Iconfinder: An ideal tool with a wide range of icons that will help you give your page a special idea of ​​it
  • Vecteezy: This is a platform, which allows you to develop different vectors in order to create icons online
  • Musefree: This is a platform with a wide catalog of icons, more specifically 650 icons, among which 60 are related to social networks
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How to easily place buttons or icons of social networks in Blogger

Add social media buttons within Blogger

To be able to add the social media buttons to your blog, you just have to follow the following detailed steps, with which you will see the image you want reflected in it:

  1. Once you have selected the icons you want to upload, you must place them within an online storage space, in order to obtain a URL that you can use, an example of this is Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. After that, you must copy the URL address that you have obtained within a note, in order to use it later.
  3. Next, you must open the social network to which you want to link and proceed to copy the web address within a notes application. In this way, you will already have both addresses, which are necessary in order to carry out this process.
  4. Inside the page, you must access the “design” button, and after that, click on the “add a gadget” section. You will be able to see that a list will open, in which you will be presented with various options, among which “ HTML / Javascript ” stands out. Inside it, we must select and paste the following code:

<a href=’dweb address of your social network’ target=’_blank’> <img alt = ”name of the social network” src = ‘URL of the stored image’ title = ‘name of the social network or word with the than bind ‘width = ”60 ″ /> </a>

After you finish, you just have to press the “save” button in order to finish and then check that everything has been the way you want.