Excel is a computer program with which it is intended to develop calculation activities, it belongs to a computer suite created by the Microsoft company; which together with other programs are established as primary means in the development of office activities.

This software was launched on the market in the mid-nineties but it was not very relevant compared to other similar programs of the time. However, it was taking shape until it was called Excel and became compatible initially with Mac and later with Windows.

Today, this office program is one of the best and most relevant when creating spreadsheets. However, if you are new to making spreadsheets in Excel you are likely to feel confused, therefore, below we will show you step by step how to do it.

How to easily create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel online for free?

How to easily create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel online for free

Xcel has become a relevant tool for everyone’s life in general; is because the program itself can be applied in any aspect of everyday life. Anyone who wants to can create a spreadsheet, a simple example can be a housewife who wants to control the income and expenses of the family.

Microsoft Excel online is an alternative to conventional Excel software that can be found in any operating system, such as Windows or Mac. Basically, the person can work on their spreadsheets from a web browser and without resorting to the computer, this can be useful at the moment to use other electronic devices such as a tablet or a mobile phone.

Steps to create a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel online

Microsoft Excel online is an alternative to the Excel software that we can find on the computer, in itself it is not intended to replace the classic version, since its use would only be necessary in situations that merit the exclusive use of a browser; having another device as an access base.

To create a spreadsheet it is necessary to previously have an email account that belongs to Microsoft such as Hotmail or Outlook. After having this tool, you should do the following:

  • First, you will have to log in to your email account and then you will have to click on the drop-down menu of the service. Right, where other folders like received and sent emails are.
  • Select an option called  “input” and then click on “Excel online”.
  • Upon entering the program you will have two options: “New white paper” and Browse recent documents and templates on OneDrive“.
  • Click on the first option and we will have access to a page similar to that of the computer program; only that there are some options that have not been included.
  • Among those available are: home, view, review, file, insert and data.

In this way, we can create a new spreadsheet, but the classic Excel templates are also available. You can click on the top menu of the screen and select examine templates, through this process we can see the available options.

How to save and share spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel online?

How to easily create spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel online for free

Other services available from the Microsoft Excel online platform is the ability to share and store the spreadsheets created so that the user will have access to their Excel files at all times, and only an internet connection will be necessary.

To save our spreadsheet online we will have to click on “file” located at the top of the screen, then click on “save as” to add a name that is easy to identify and then click on “save”.

In this way the file will be stored in the cloud, that is, in the storage space available in our email account.

To share our spreadsheet, we can click on “file” again, only this time instead of clicking on “save as”, we will click on “share” and we will have to choose between the available options.

One of these options to share with other people. This alternative allows you to share your spreadsheets online with other users of the email platform, who will be able to edit it.