Next, we are going to see how to download someone else’s WhatsApp statuses on iPhone or Android in a fairly quick and easy way.

WhatsApp statuses are extremely important. The last 24 hours so it is ideal to upload some kind of temporary content and share it with all our friends.

Did you know that you can download the statuses of your contacts? Next, we are going to see in detail how you should do to save their states on both Android and iPhone.

Before downloading content from a social network, in this case, the WhatsApp status, you have to bear in mind that you can only download content if it is your property, if it is marked as copyright-free and with permission to use it, or if it belongs to third parties and you have the direct permission of the owner of the video itself.

How to download WhatsApp status on iPhone or Android

How to save someone else’s WhatsApp statuses on Android

  • The first thing you will need is a file explorer. Although in this case, we must bear in mind that some browsers do not allow us to view hidden folders. In case your browser does not allow it, we recommend downloading Total Commander from the Google store.
  • Then and this you will be able to view all the files that are stored on your device. Even the WhatsApp folder with all the hidden files.
  • Once the application is installed we will have to find the WhatsApp folder, since we are looking for another folder that is inside it and that is called ” Media “. In this folder, you can find another that is hidden but with Total Commander, you can view and is called ” Statuses “.
  • In this, you can find all the WhatsApp statuses that your contacts have uploaded and that you recently opened. They are saved locally to save mobile data, among other things.

From here you can download them without any kind of problem. After this, you can edit and share them as you would with any other kind of file, without any kind of limitation.

How to download someone else’s status on WhatsApp

How to download WhatsApp status on iPhone or Android

What you should keep in mind is that, if 24 hours have passed since that person uploaded the status, it will be automatically deleted from the ” Statuses ” folder. No matter how much they are saved on our device, the files are erased the same when 24 hours pass.

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Another thing that you should not worry about is whether your friends know that you are downloading their statuses. Do not worry about this issue, since they will not know absolutely anything because it is something you do on your own mobile without even opening the application.

In this simple way, you can save all the statuses of all your contacts in WhatsApp in an extremely simple way, then you can edit and upload them wherever you want as if they were yours.

This comes in handy when we see that they share videos or similar content and we do not know how to download it to share it again. This way you won’t even have to search for the same video or song, since you have it on your own phone.

How to save WhatsApp statuses on iPhone

In the case of iOS, we will need to have version 11 of this operating system because it has the function of recording the screen without using external applications.

  • For this, you will have to go to ” Settings “.
  • Then we must go to the ” Control Center “.
  • Here we are going to go to ” Customize controls “.
  • You have to look for the one that says ” Screen recording “.
  • Then go to ” More controls “.
  • After this, click on the ” + ” symbol so that you can click on ” Include “.
  • In this way, we will have the function to be able to record the screen.

How to record a WhatsApp status on iPhone

  • Now you are going to have to open your WhatsApp and go to the states.
  • Swipe down to display the control center and you can see the record icon.
  • After this, a countdown will begin and at that moment you will have to press on the state you want to record.
  • Once it finishes passing the state, you will simply have to click on a red bar to make the ” Stop ” button appear.
  • The video will be saved on the reel of your iPhone and you can edit it however you want, in the same way, that you would with any kind of file.

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