How to defeat the Tomb Guardian Duelist in Elden Ring

How to defeat the Tomb Guardian Duelist in Elden Ring


We continue to provide you with all the details you need to know to locate and defeat the Elden Ring secondary bosses, one of the fundamental aspects of the From Software title. Some of them even appear several times, so you will have the opportunity to see them repeatedly, all the more reason to know what strategy you must follow to defeat them. Therefore, in our complete Elden Ring guide we detail what you must do to be successful in those encounters and get beat them without too many complications.

The Gravekeeper Duelist is one of those secondary bosses that appears repeatedly, so you can find it in the Agualóbrega Catacombs of the West Necrolimbo and in the Tomb on the edge of Auriza de Leyndell, capital of the kingdom. Although he is not a boss that is a real challenge, it is always good to know what strategy You have to continue to beat it easily and quickly, so we are going to explain it to you.

Where to find the Gravekeeper Duelist and how to beat him

The Catacombs of Agualóbrega can be found in the West Necrolimbo.

As it is one of the initial areas, your first encounter with the Tomb Guardian Duelist will probably take place in the Catacombs of Darkwater in Necrolimbo West, although your fight against him will be exactly the same in both locations where you can find him, so you should not fear if by any chance you cross paths with him earlier on your visit to the Tomb on the edge of Auriza of Leyndell, capital of the kingdom. If he is giving you more trouble than desired, this is what you need to do to defeat him.

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The Gravekeeper Duelist is not a very complex boss, since he is a humanoid, so there is no reason to worry too much about being able to dodge his attacks. Nevertheless, the best you can do is carry a weapon that causes bleeding, as it is weak to this state and will make it much easier to defeat it. In addition, if you chain a few blows you will be able to make him kneel, with which you will be able to make him a critical hit. With this, you will see how it is one of the easiest battles you will face.

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