The Arctic Wolf is a small head of Tales of Arise that we will meet during our expedition through the region of Cyclodia. With Rinwell just added to the team, this wolf will cross our path, cutting us off with three more wolves. However, with a few tips you can defeat yourself without too much trouble.

In the following guide we will tell you all the details about the Arctic Wolf and the best way to defeat it so that it does not pose any problem. Do not miss it!

How to defeat the Arctic Wolf in Tales of Arise

As its name suggests, this enemy is basically made up of ice and is therefore vulnerable to fire. Alphen is essential in this combat and the objective is to destroy the enemy’s core and leave it vulnerable. To do this, use art Swallow Leaf It is essential, since if we maintain the ability the protagonist deploys the sword of fire. Providing the enemy with an attack charged with this ability is very effective and does not take long to expose him.

The ideal is to first defeat the small wolves and for this Shionne and Rinwell they will be very useful. It is important to use the special attacks when the bar is filled with them, since we know that these characters can also be combined in joint attacks. We always recommend taking Shionne with a healing strategy, since this fight is not difficult, but the Arctic Wolf hits hard.

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It is important to know at this point how the combats work, since we can take advantage of the combos and synergies between the members. The Arctic Wolf has about 37,000 hit points and is at level 16, while the small ones are at 12. We recommend at least a level 20 to overcome the combat without setbacks.

This enemy uses both physical attacks and ranged attacks that throw ice on us, therefore, it is always very important to be able to dodge up close and run in the far attacks. If we make a perfect dodge, we can automatically make a counterattack.

If we attack with normal attacks we will see that we are facing a very resistant enemy, so do not hesitate to use as much fire as possible. Take advantage of the moments when he is lying on the vulnerable ground to use the special attacks of the characters. We will soon see that the enemy has fallen.

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