How to decorate a holiday home?

How to decorate a holiday home?

Decorating your vacation home is not an easy task, but if you follow our advice it will be much easier. Let’s do it!

How to decorate a holiday home?

Last update: January 10, 2022

Holidays are the favorite time of year for many people, who long for your arrival so that they can relax. If you have your own vacation home and you are not sure of the best way to decorate its spaces, read on.

Whether on the beach, in the mountains or in a little town lost there, it is important to set it up so that it invites you to rest. We will give you some tips and ideas to make your second home as cozy as your main house.

7 tips for decorating your vacation home

We believe that the main objective of decorating a vacation home is that it transmits calm, harmony and helps you disconnect from the routine busy. For this, it is important that do not make the mistake of using it as a deposit for objects and furniture that you no longer use at your primary residence.

It is common that the vacation home does not have a defined style, because we do not always take care of decorating it, but we take there what we no longer use. The result is a space that lacks a holiday feel and that does not provide an atmosphere of pause.

Let’s review how you can catch up with your vacation home so that it becomes your exclusive space of tranquility and rest.

Sometimes the vacation homes do not have a defined style because the owners only deposit what is left over in their main residence.

1. Minimalism

Try to decorate your vacation home following a minimalist style: few furniture, but functional and simple lines that do not interrupt the flow of energy. The furniture should stand out for its simplicity and functionality at the same time. For example, you can use banks type puff, which in turn serve as save spaces.

2. Nature

Holidays are the ideal time to connect with nature and your house should favor this contact with the air, vegetation and animals. A good way to promote it is through windows that let in the colors and aromas from the outside.

Make sure the windows allow a good passage of light. You could opt for double curtains: a translucent one that lets in the light and a darker one that protects you from the heat and gives you darkness in moments of rest.

Another way to bring nature into your home is through plants.. Nor is it necessary that we fill each space with pots, but you can place them in the corners. They provide color, purify the air and give a very special style to environments.

3. Natural light

Natural light in your vacation home is key to recreate a space that positively influences your mood. When the light enters through the windows it recharges you energy and you feel a special vitality.

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In addition to a good distribution of the windows, you can place mirrors to multiply the light that enters your vacation home. Likewise, light colors on walls, ceilings and furniture contribute to this effect of natural luminosity that you want to achieve.

4. Color combination

Returning to the previous point, light colors should predominate in a vacation home. White is the favorite because it admits all kinds of combinations.

If you want to add something to it, you can opt for armchairs, cushions and other accessories in strong and vibrant tones to achieve a contrast. Textiles are a way to add color to the spaces of your home. Depending on the environment, the motifs can vary from exotic prints to rustic or marine.

5. Beach and field

Everything we have mentioned so far applies to any vacation home, regardless of where it is located. In the event that your house is on the beach, a decoration that combines white with shades of blue and light blue is a classic that is always current.

In the same way, decorative objects such as snails, shells and navigation elements are a good complement that evoke the charm of the sea.

As for the field and the mountains, wood is the favorite of many homeowners. You can play with rustic styles and objects and furniture vintage Y retro. Pastel, ocher, brown and orange tones will look great.

6. Outdoor spaces

The outdoor spaces of your vacation home also deserve attention, because the idea is that you spend most of the day there. Light tones and objects from nature never fail and provide a relaxed style, in harmony with the natural environment. Floral arrangements that contrast with natural linen tablecloths, colorful cushions, and bamboo furniture can be a very successful combination.

The patio is not a space to neglect in the decoration of the vacation home. You may spend a lot of time there.

7. Fresh tissues

Both in the bedroom and in the living room it is essential that your whites are made from fresh and soft fabrics. Especially in summer, when one wants to feel lighter and enjoy this season without suffering from the heat.

In winter you can decorate the armchairs and beds with hand-woven Nordic blankets. Besides being beautiful, they are very cozy and will keep you warm.

Where to start decorating a vacation home?

Our suggestion is that you start with make a list of all those things you want to change or repair. From furniture and decorative objects to walls and ceilings.

Based on this list, you will be able to evaluate what the priorities are and what can wait a little longer. For budgeting purposes, this first step is crucial.

Then you have to define what style you want that predominates in your vacation home. Modern, classic or rustic? Any of them have their own charm.

Decorating a vacation home involves a change in attitude

We encourage you to begin the remodeling process if you are not comfortable with the style of your vacation home. As we have already seen throughout the article, no need to spend too much money, since just by changing some details you will breathe a different air.

Do not lose sight of the goal of your vacation home: rest. Do everything you can to make it your refuge and the place to go to disconnect from the routine of a whole year.

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