Learning to edit videos has become essential for any lover of social networks. Do you want to mount a video on Instagram? You have to know the basics to edit. Do you want to upload a video to TikTok? You have to know the basics to edit. But don’t worry, knowing how to edit doesn’t mean taking an Adobe course, your own iPhone has the answers installed. That is why today we will tell you how to cut video on iPhone step by step, It is easier than you think!

The first thing you should know is that You just have to have the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, a tool that is installed by default on your mobile or tablet. And although this app allows you to edit photos and videos, you can also take a look at the 21 best apps to edit photos from your iPhone or Android, since you will be able to find a tool that works for you and you can take advantage of it.

How do you cut a part of a video on iPhone?

Apple gives us a unique function that many Android phones do not have, and is to cut videos to your liking. The Photos application gives us the possibility to edit the videos from your own iPhone and iPad. We can cut the videos from its duration or its size.

Let’s take the example that you recorded the mobile screen for a few minutes to save a video that you did not have the possibility to download. Photos allows you trim the recorded screen as well as cut the duration of the screen to what you really want to have as a final product.

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So what should you do to cut video on iPhone? You just have to:

  1. Enter photos.
  2. Select the video you want to cut.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. Move the bar to select the piece of video you want to cut.
  5. Press Done.
  6. Choose between Save the video as a new one or Save video.

How to cut a part of a video

This is the easiest way to cut videos on iPhone. Keep in mind that the app Photos also allows you to edit the video with more options such as shadows, lights, exposure, contrast, brightness, filters, among others.

What applications are used to cut videos?

As you have just seen, to edit photos or videos from your iPhone you only need to have the Photos application installed. However, there are endless applications that can help you enhance your final product, that video or photo you want to post. But be careful, as some may be fraudulent apps that do not offer you what you really want.

At iPadízate we gave ourselves the task of selecting the best apps to edit video on iPhone and iPad, so we recommend you take a look, since we are sure that they will help you a lot in what you want to achieve.

And although you will find some paid tools, here we leave you another completely free application to edit videos from your mobile or tablet: Edit videos on your iPhone and easily with ‘VN Video Editor’.

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