How to customize your smartphone for business: the best business apps

How to customize your smartphone for business: the best business apps

Smartphones, or smartphones, are an essential leg in today’s companies. In this note we tell you what apps you have to take into account for your business.

If you are in charge of a company, or even work for one, order together with communication should always be the most important thing. Therefore, for you, the priority should not only be the computer programs that help you in it. It is also a good option to have excellent applications for the smartphones of your employees or co-workers. This will allow you to work more comfortably and organized inside and outside the work area.

What applications do companies use?

Companies can choose different applications, depending on the needs they have. Business apps can vary, depending on the functionality, for example to communicate, organize, send fax, bank details, organize your employees and much more.

Google and all its functions

Google is undoubtedly one of the first options for many companies, whether for its email service, calendar, meet for calls or video calls, google drive, or the functions to create text documents, spreadsheets and much more. It is a fairly complete app for many of the basic features that a company may need.

The best thing about this is that it is free, likewise, you can create your email domain by associating it with Google, provide business accounts to your employees and maintain all communication, share important files, with only the members of your company who have said email business.

fax app

Do you need to send a fax? And you don’t have one nearby to scan all the documents and send them immediately.

Well, FAX from iPhone: Fax App is an excellent option that will allow you to scan all your documents from your iPhone’s camera or add all the documents you want to send, and then add the fax number where you want them to be sent. It is very easy to use faxing app. It is available in multiple languages ​​including Spanish.


This application will allow you to manage and supervise all your passwords (if they are shared) likewise you can use them easily and safely with a single click, a very important tool for those companies where you work with multiple accounts or users. Since in these the security of the data is very important.

Sign Easy

It is a paid tool, but it will allow you to carry out all the tasks related to signing documents whether they are PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG and many more in an easy way.

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You can even add logos, dates or images to further personalize your documents. All this information will be saved and you can use it from different devices such as: phones, tablets or computer


This app allows its users to record and track the kilometers that can be traveled by multiple vehicles. It is a very useful tool for those companies that work or provide transport services or carry out different mobilization of vehicles, in some sector. You can request a weekly report, with the information you need.


This application works not only as a messenger, but also as a work organizer. You can create different channels and allocate them for the order and communication of each team.

There they can share images, text files, videos and much more. Its access is completely free, but its storage is limited.

You can choose to buy a membership or increase storage space. It is available for mobile devices, pc or you can use them directly from the browser.


Another app that allows you to manage and organize your work team, you can create and schedule a wide variety of tasks, upload and share different files. You can synchronize it with google calendar, gmail and many other tools.

It has a totally free and very complete version for small companies or those that are just starting out, as well as other paid versions for larger and more experienced companies and teams.


A very useful tool for almost any company is: WhatsApp, the same link some time ago a new version oriented to companies which was called WhatsApp Business, it allows you to create a business profile, where you can link your phone number that you use for customer service, it can even be a landline number, eliminating the need for a cell phone.

In your personal profile you can add different information such as; where the company is located, email, customer service hours, website, and a brief description.

Functionalities such as: programming automatic messages which you can write to your liking, or creating a message route that allows you to send answers to frequently asked questions are also included.

It is a very useful option for vendors or companies that offer services and whose costs do not vary, to explain the services offered and provide product lists. Likewise, it is an excellent option to provide basic information to potential clients, without having a staff that is always attentive and present to any message.