In Corel Photo-Paint there are key functions when it comes to achieving impressive effects on your images. If you want to learn quickly and easily, you will surely be interested in knowing how to cut objects, simply using the mask tool in Corel Photo-Paint. One of the best functions that this editing program has is to have your own personalized brushes, that using them in combination with what we teach here, you will have unique results.

How can you cut out objects using the mask tool in Corel Photo-Paint?

It is very easy to locate the Corel Photo-Paint mask tool, just like other main tools you can find it on the properties bar.

Corel Photo-Paint mask tool editing alternatives

Within its field of options with the Corel Photo-Paint mask tool, you can cut objects in very different ways, just left-click and hold on to this tool, and you will have at your disposal different editing alternatives:

The Rectangular Mask will serve you if you want to cut out objects or an area of ​​rectangular shape. With Ellipse Mask, it will be useful when clipping a specific object or an elliptical or circular area. Another function is the Magic Wand Mask, you can define areas that include the pixel on the area of ​​the object you touch, including those pixels that are the same color.

How to Crop Objects Using the Mask Tool in Corel Photo-Paint

There is also the Magnetic Lasso Mask function, which allows you to select an area by carefully outlining it freehand. Before you must specify some settings such as color or tolerance. The Freehand Mask is used to freehand outline irregular areas.

Likewise, the Brush Mask, when selecting a type and style of brush, is another tool that you can use if the objective is to delineate the area of ​​the object with the brush. Finally, the Flat Mask allows you to specify an area using parallel lines, indicating its inclination and thickness.

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Corel Photo-Paint mask modes

It has four different modes and styles of area, among which are:

Normal mode, this mask tool will help you select an area. Additive mode, this option is useful when you select the area of ​​an object, but if at the end of the notes you need to cover certain areas, then you can use it to add them.

Other options consist of the Subtractive Mode, if on the contrary you accidentally take more spaces from the area you wanted to select, then it will be very useful when reducing areas to your selection. Overlay mode, when you make two selections in the same area but want to eliminate the intersection. Also, create your own mask in Core Draw Paint with this special item.

Area styles

Normal, Fixed size, Rows and Columns.

Other Settings

By choosing any of the alternatives, just before or during the selection you can make several settings to obtain precise results:

With the Radius, you will achieve that the selection has curvatures in its corners. The fading or blurring of the edges, you set the level of width, direction and style of the border for the mask. With the Expand option, you can expand the selected area, you can do it by adjusting it with a smaller width.

Another function is the Collapse, here you can reduce the selected area. You also have the option of Smoothing. With Invert the selection, you can subtract a specific area, just press CTRL.

How to Crop Objects Using the Mask Tool in Corel Photo-Paint

And finally, it graduates the tolerance, in order to cover a greater range of colors when selecting the color. As you can see, this is just a brief introduction to Corel Photo Paint’s mask tool; however, we remind you that only with constant practice will you acquire greater skills, as well as cutting objects with Corel Photo-Paint, it will be much easier for you.

Finally, if you want, you can print the images you create in a few simple steps. If you liked this post, share it and leave us your comment.