Technological advances have allowed new types of codes to be created to make registrations, to download an App, take you to a company’s website, etc. And we are talking about the well-known QR code, with which you can make countless uses. It is for this reason that in this article we will show you how to create or generate QR barcodes from Microsoft Word.

As many of you already know to be able to read this type of code formed by black and white squares. It is necessary to have a smartphone, where we have previously downloaded an application, that can scan this type of QR code. But surely you did not know that it was possible to create codes of this type through the use of the Word text editor.

How to create or generate QR barcode from Microsoft Word

When working with Word to make this type of code, we can customize it the way we like it the most. And this would involve resizing or even adding color, to change the traditional look.

Also by using this tool we would save entering different web pages, but in the same way, we will use a Word add-in, very similar to the one used in Excel to generate barcodes.

It is called QR4Office and it is also fully compatible with the latest versions of PowerPoint and Excel. And also on Mac, iPad and Word systems online.

So, in order for you to use this application, you must download it, if you do not have the Microsoft Word tool, otherwise, you can search for the add-in from the same application.

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Steps to create or generate QR barcode from Microsoft Word

How to create or generate QR barcodes from Microsoft Word

In order to add the QR4Office add-in, you must go to Word and in the main menu choose the Insert tab, then click on My applications. And we will have it in the main menu, now so that we can create this QR code, we open a blank page. Then we look for the plugin that has been added to the main menu.

The next step is to indicate which is the URL or address that will be encoded in the QR code, the code that has been generated, we can edit it in the way we want. We can, as we told you before, put the color of our preference and increase or decrease the size, all at our whim.

We will have the design of the QR code in a preview at the bottom and if this is to our total satisfaction. We can generate it and then save it, to use it later, but if we want to use it right now, we can copy and paste it. We have already created our QR code in a very simple way.

We can use this QR code and paste it anywhere or if we prefer we share it with our contacts on different social networks. This code will be very easy to scan by those who have the application for it and be taken to our website. You see how easy it is to create or generate a QR barcode from Microsoft Word.

It is important that you know that if you do not have the latest version of Microsoft Word and on the contrary, you have an earlier version. Then it will not be possible for you to have the QR4Office plugin. So in order for you to use this add-in and generate a QR code from Word, you will have to update the version you currently have.

In this way, we have finished this practical tutorial that showed you an extraordinary easy-to-use plugin. And that will allow you in a few steps to create or generate a QR barcode from Microsoft Word.

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