In the rush of everyday life, the fastest way to remind yourself is to create notes with Google Keep using only your voice. A simple way to save your thoughts and things to do in the application without having to spend more time than you sometimes have to put in writing what you can easily say in a few words.

Google Keep is one of the best tools to install on your mobile phone. It is a notepad that is complemented with many more functions. Very educational and attractive for users.

The ability to create notes with Google Keep using only your voice is as easy as translating conversations in Google interpreter mode and is one of the most attractive features. Thus, the application saves in text and audio format what you have just said. It is quite simple if you want to learn how to do it, keep reading!

Create notes with Google Keep using only your voice

In order to use Google Keep you must download them from the Play Store. It is a totally free application, it has very good references and 500 million downloads.

Remember to update the Google Play Store to the latest version so that one way or another the process is not hindered.

Once you have it installed on your mobile phone, click on it to open it. On the main screen of the application, you will see that at the bottom is the icon of a small microphone, by pressing it you can start creating notes using your voice.

To create notes with Google Keep using only your voice, you will have to grant the app permissions to use the microphone. After you have done that, the application will begin to record your voice.

How to create notes with Google Keep using only Voice?

The voice memo you make can be as long as you like. It has no particular time limit. When you’re done, you just have to stop talking and Google Keep will immediately save the audio, thus creating a note.

Also, when you save the note in audio format, the application will automatically create a text-based on the voice note you just made. In this way, you will have the possibility to read what you have said if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot hear the audio.

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For this reason, it is important that when creating notes with Google Keep using only your voice, you do so clearly and in an appropriate tone so that the application can correctly capture everything you say.

This tool is quite useful for situations in which you cannot or do not have time to take your mobile to write a note. Also, if it is a fairly long piece of information, it is much more comfortable to speak it than to write it.

Google Keep Utilities

In addition to creating notes with Google Keep using only your voice, there are many more utilities that can be given to this wonderful tool that you have in the palm of your hand, that is, on your phone.

One of them is to add subtasks in the Google Keep application, expanding the range of options with the use of this program in general.

It is currently the most used and downloaded note app on the Play Store, largely displacing Evernote. Being a Google application, it allows you to synchronize it with your Gmail account, as well as with its desktop version.

How to create notes with Google Keep using only Voice?

In this way you will have the information on both devices, your mobile and your computer, thus increasing its usefulness in different areas, whether in education, social or work.

If you are a fan of order and organization, Google Keep allows you to sort your notes by categories and colors. In the same way, you can add tags to them to specify them even more, and to be able to find a note more quickly.

Another of the biggest attractions of the application is its dynamism, color and ease of use. It doesn’t take much to understand how it works, as it is very interactive and intuitive. Google Keep is a very useful tool to have in your mobile application repertoire. You never know when you might need it and it is always best to have it on hand.