Creating mobile video games and publishing them on the PlayStore is quite simple and you don’t need to know how to program. This can be a great hobby or venture with which you can start to generate extra income.

What should I take into account when wanting to create my own video game

During the creation of a video game we will do a lot of trial and error. Too we will need a lot of patience and a mind open to constructive criticism.

Without programming knowledge we must use video game creation tools, animations and design. Among them are the Adobe Illustrator design program, engines such as Unity or Unreal and Google Play’s own platform for uploading games.

There are cases of developers who spent years creating all the looks and design of video games like Stardew Valley themselves. But nevertheless, this is not efficient for most people so a little help in your project would not hurt.

Knowledge of the English language or someone to advise you during development is very important, since in this way the game can be marketed worldwide. This will save marketing in the long run and it will allow more people to access your game.

Is it possible to create my video game online without downloading anything?

Many engines and applications for video game development they have online versions that you can work with. In addition, these are usually free, since they are open source platforms so you can customize your creations as much as your experience allows.

What are the best tools to make a game if I don’t know how to code?

To create a game, you only need one idea, so you could start to pour your creativity into one of these engines:


This is one of the simplest video game creation platforms. In her text-based games can be created, where the player can go on adventures based on their decisions or by interacting with keywords during the story.

In these kinds of games there is a strong narrative component and they are based on simple algorithms to carry the story forward. This platform has a tutorial for use and explanatory videos on the platform that is completely free (only in English).


This is a platform very similar to the previous one, but with a slightly higher degree of complexity. Also in English language, Twine allows you to create stories with many degrees of complexity and conditions that affect how the story of our game unfolds.

A practical example of a project in which Twine has been used is the interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch which was posted on Netflix a few years ago. This platform is also open source which allows you to download it for free.


This may already seem like a more familiar video game creation engine. Stencyl is capable of creating 2D environments typical of mobile and indie PC games with few requirements.

stencyl motor logo

This has a collision physics engine that can be disabled for games that don’t require it, allows the editing of images, scenarios and the use of music and custom art for all aspects of the game.


This is perhaps one of the engines for the creation of video games for amateurs most famous in the industry. Unity allows 3D modeling and environments to be made and has a large community that can help you with any questions you may have.

Many successful games have been made on this engine for the PlayStore and is one of the most recommended to learn to use. In addition, this engine is available in Spanish so that you can work more comfortably, even if the final work is in English.

Procedure to create a video game with the APK

To export our projects to Android we must have the packages Android SDK and Java Development Kit installed on our computer. In addition, the engine that we have used must be in its latest version to be able to export the project.

In the options of our engine we must configure the platform for which we are developing. In the platform options we must select Android, the minimum API version of the Android device and the name of the package.

In the package name we must place the name of our project in the following way: “ “. In this way, when compiling the project, our application will differ from the many others in the PlayStore.

How much does it cost to upload an application to the Google Play Store?

Once our project is compiled we are left with our .apk file that is the installation format in Android. To upload this file to our store in the PlayStore we must access the Google Play Development Console.

playstore inbox

Here we must register and perform a one-time payment of $ 25 for our registration as a developer. In addition, Google will keep 30% of the income generated by the application for your purchase, advertising or purchases within the application.