There are many people who sometimes are not satisfied with have a single WhatsApp account on your phone. One of the reasons for this is that there are people who like to keep their private or personal life detached from their work so they proceed to do this.

In this article we are going to show you how you can create a WhatsApp account without having a phone number and what are the best applications for you to achieve this goal.

How can I get a free number to create WhatsApp?

There are people who sometimes look for a way to have two accounts in the whatsapp application on their same phone, but the second account they would like to create with a number that nobody knows, so they sometimes try to figure out how to create it with a virtual number. Here we will show you the best applications that exist to do this job.


TextNow is a very wonderful application, because when you download it and log into it, you get a virtual phone number. Through this application you can also receive calls and texts as long as you are connected to a wifi network.

Google Voice

The Google Voice application will also help you find a phone number and receive messages and calls through it. So it is one of the best options for you toyou create a WhatsApp account without having a number.


This application allows you to have a virtual phone number and receive calls and messages. Through this you can even have products for free calls and text messages every month. You can divert calls, greet in a personalized way, choose types of voices to use and other very interesting extensions for you.

How can I create a WhatsApp account without a number?

There are several applications that help you with the process of creating a WhatsApp account, since in order to open them you have to enter a phone number that you own. So you can do it with a virtual phone number.

Uses Sideline offers free accounts

The way to use the SideLine application to create a WhatsApp account is very simple. You only have to install the application to your Android phone or iPhone. Then you will proceed to log into your account and it will give you a personal phone number that you will use.

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Now you are going to open the WhatsApp application. This will ask you to enter a phone number. Here you will write the number that the SideLine application has given you and click on continue. Then WhatsApp will proceed to send a text message to this application and the numerical code that you receive in it you will write it in the WhatsApp app.

From here on, the rest was easy but you will have to add an email for backups and you can start using your new WhatsApp account in the usual way.

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With your email you can create the WhatsApp account

One of the things that are false about creating WhatsApp accounts is that you can create it with an email, since when creating a WhatsApp account it does not give you other options other than add a phone number. Therefore, if you are looking to have a WhatsApp account you will have to use an application of virtual numbers or a phone store and buy a new SIM card.

What applications are there to create a WhatsApp without a number?

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As we have already explained to you throughout this tutorial, there are several ways to use virtual numbers to create two WhatsApp accounts. But here we will give you the description of the best three so that you can do these accounts without problems.


This is the most recommended application and the one that gives you the least problems when you want to create a WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp account with another number. Just go to any of the app stores on your phone and search for the ‘Hushed’ app. After you install it, you will open the application and she will give you a phone number. Then you will only have to do the process of opening your WhatsApp account as we explained previously.


We have already explained the process of creating your account with SideLine previously in this tutorial only you will have to follow those steps and you will already have your WhatsApp account active.


Line2 is the third of the applications that we will recommend in this article. This is similar to the previous ones that we have already mentioned, you just have to find it in the app store and install it.