It is already known that the most used mobile operating system in the world is Android and we can remotely control the operating system through text using an SSH server. This to make it more secure and send a large amount of information over the internet in an encrypted way. And so we will teach you how to create an SSH server on my Android for free – Easy and fast.

How to create an SSH server on my Android for free - Easy and fast

This is possible thanks to the use of applications that allow us to create this type of server on our mobile that works with the Android operating system.

We can find many of them, but in this article, we will talk about one that is very easy to use and that you can download without any problem from the Google virtual store.

The applications that Android uses from the Play Store, allow us to carry out different tasks and transmit functional tools on our mobiles.

The only thing we would need is the guidance that we offer you through these articles. And in this way, you can do whatever you want to restore a copy of the Android operating system without problems.

How to create an SSH server on my Android for free

So let’s start with the creation of the SSH server and for this, we are going to use a perfect application this and it is called SSH Server.

As we already mentioned, this can be downloaded directly and for free from the Play Store. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you will have a clean interface with only options at the top.

The only bad thing is that it is completely in English, but if you follow the steps that we will give you below you will not have any problem in creating the SSH server.

Now to begin we must click on the icon of the plus sign enclosed in a circle and named Add. This will generate a menu of options and must choose SSH Server.

By clicking on this option, a window will be displayed on the screen, in which we are going to configure the data of our server. Where we will place the name of the server that we are creating, as well as the port that we are going to use to make the connection to the SSH server. Once these data have been entered, we will find other interesting options.

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SSH Server configuration on my Android for free

How to create an SSH server on my Android for free - Easy and fast

Next, we will have 4 options that we can configure and they are the following Enable Shell, if we enable this option we will be able to control the mobile device from a secure terminal.

Of course, it must be enabled, the next option is Enable SFTP, which is so that the SSH server also works as a secure FTP server.

Now we get the option Enable SCP, when it is enabled it allows a safe copy and finally we will find the option Set Custom Shell Start commands.

Here we are going to configure some parameters that will be executed when the server starts. Having seen these options, we will move on to the next step.

Now we are going to click on the Users option that is in the upper right next to Settings. This so that we can create all those users who will connect through the SSH server.

The next step is to click on the Add option. And we will see a new window, where we will enter data such as username, password to connect.

It also allows us to configure security certificates so that we can connect in a more secure way. After configuring everything that has to do with our SSH server, we return to the main window and we are going to click on the Start option and thus start the server operation.

As the last step, to be able to connect to our server is to make use of an SSH client and in this way to be able to control our Android device remotely. In this way we finished this article that showed you how easy it is to create an SSH server on my Android for free.