WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications, hides some limitation. One of them that can be annoying is the one that makes it difficult to send messages to contacts that we do not have in the agenda. Something that in iOS can be solved with this shortcut that we are now going to explain how to create step by step.

Once created, which is the slowest process, writing to a contact via WhatsApp even if it is not on the agenda is very easy. As well as writing your number and pressing send. The application opens by itself and the message is sent without having to save numbers in the phonebook. And if you don’t want to create the shortcut, too I leave you the link to download and install it.

Send a WhatsApp in a couple of clicks

In order to send messages to WhatsApp contacts that we do not have in the phonebook from an iPhone, we are going to use iOS and Shortcuts, the application that is pre-installed from the “factory”. We look for it and enter it, clicking on “All shortcuts”. At that point we have to click on the plus icon “+” located in the upper right corner.

Whatsapp 1

We choose a name, the one we want and we change the icon for one with the shape and color to our liking. To do this we just have to click on the icon that is set by default.

Whatsapp 2

We click on the bar “Search apps and actions” at the bottom of the screen and then we write “Safari” in the search field and click on “Open URL addresses”.

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Whatsapp 3

Click on “Open URL addresses” and we write “wa.me/” (without the quotes) in the text field and then click on the “Ask every time” button that is just above the keyboard. If we don’t see it, we move through the options to the right.

Whatsapp 4

Click on the play button, a triangle-shaped icon in the lower left corner. At that moment, just write the number to which we want to send the message on WhatsApp. We must write the entire number, without spaces and in front of the country code which in Spain is +34, but without the “+” symbol. It would look like this: 34123456789.

Whatsapp 5

The first time a privacy alert appears, so we tap on allow. With the shortcut already created, we can anchor it to the screen in the form of an icon or a widget so that by clicking on it we will see how the window to write the number opens and then the WhatsApp chat with the number that we have written opens directly.

Whatsapp 6
Whatsapp 7

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Whatsapp 14

With this method and once the Shortcut is created, we can write to any contact on WhatsApp on the iPhone even if we don’t have your number in the phonebook in a couple of clicks and all without having to add it to your contacts.

Also, if you don’t want to create the link and prefer to save yourself those steps, you can always download the already created shortcut from this link.

Via | XDA Developers