Microsoft wants to remain at the forefront of data warehousing services. That is why it has created Azure, its commercial proposal to store digital data in the cloud. How can we create a free Microsoft Azure account without a credit card?

Creating an account in Azure will allow you to manage your company’s resources more efficiently. Also, you can create a web page with Azure, this is part of the functions it has.

All the information that is handled usually goes to local servers that represent a significant investment and require constant maintenance.

This translates into a large sum of resources, money and human personnel, which often does not guarantee the security of the information.

Therefore, opening a Microsoft Azure account will not only allow you considerable savings, but also security certificates and service agreements.

Almost infinite possibility to create a backup as well as assign a static IP address to a virtual machine with Azure almost instantaneously. Let’s see how to create a Microsoft Azure account for free, without a credit card.

How to create a free Microsoft Azure account without a credit card

How to create a free Azure account without a credit card

Many want to access this type of service that, in addition, gives you the possibility of creating websites, among other things. But they generally abstain due to the economic factor, hence the importance of being able to create an account in Azure, for free.

The first thing we have to do is go to the Azure website to register. It should be noted that if we do not have a Microsoft or GitHub email account, we must create a free one in order to log in.

Later, the page will redirect you to another where you will have to click on the button «Start for free». There you must complete a registration form with your personal information such as full name, location, phone number. To validate your identity through the number entered, you can choose to be called or receive a text message with a verification code.

After entering the code, you must confirm the veracity of your identity by means of the data of a credit card. These data are only for account registration purposes, but since it is a free account, they will not generate any charge. Upon entering valid credit card information, the system directs you to the last step.

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Now you will have to do a review of the agreement and privacy statement, thus completing the registration. Once this step is done, you will have made the free registration of your Microsoft Azure account.

How long can I use my account for free?

How to create a free Microsoft Azure account without a credit card

Once you have created your free Microsoft Azure account, you can use it for 30 days without any service charges. During that period of time, you will have free access to the most used Azure products. These include virtual machines, storage and Azure databases, in addition to using a credit of US $ 200.00 to use any other service for 30 days.

Apart from these limited benefits, you can make use of other free services, such as serverless products, containers and artificial intelligence. And, not only for 30 days, even indefinitely, at no cost, if the subscription is made.

The Microsoft Azure system will not charge your credit card for any reason unless you update your subscription. This should occur at the end of the free trial period, after which you will be notified that it has expired. You will also be asked to renew or update your subscription, if you wish, in order to continue enjoying the benefits of Azure.

As you have seen, without a credit card it is impossible to access a free Microsoft Azure account, as it is a requirement without an ecu anon. The important thing is that it is only used to validate your identity, but it will not generate any charge unless of course, you decide to update your subscription.

After those first 30 days of testing, you will have had time to experiment with the benefits of Azure. You can decide if the price of their services fits your pocket. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you will have experienced what this type of iCloud service is like.

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