How to cook boiled fish without looking like hospital food

How to cook boiled fish without looking like hospital food

To prepare our boiled or cooked fish dish, We will start with loins of hake or whiting. You can use any other fish you like, preferably fresh, but you can also use frozen fish. Here we tell you how to obtain hake loins.

If you cook the fish without having defrosted it well or you cook it as soon as you take it out of the fridge, the result will not be the same.

In that case we will need to have had the precaution of have thawed it slowly in the fridge for 24 hours and then leave it at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

The reason is that this way there will not be a large temperature change during cooking, which will also be very short. In this way, the fish will be whole, white and smooth and it will not break or shrink, remaining curled.

Part one, cooking the garnish

Boiled Fish Ingredients

In a low saucepan, simmer a potato cut into 1/2 cm slices, an onion cut into quarters, and a carrot sliced. To add flavor, we add a bunch of fresh parsley, a bay leaf, and 10 black pepper berries.


We put all the pieces in the saucepan and add water or fish broth and bring to a boil. The liquid should be enough to cover the ingredients and a little more. You have to be vigilant in case it evaporates to add what you need. This Pre-cooking will last approximately 15 minutes, until the potato and carrot are tender.

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Slow Cooker

Cooking should not be done at full throttle, it is better over low heat, keeping the bubbles from the boil but not too big so that the potatoes and later the fish do not break with the force of cooking.

Put Hake

When our garnish has been cooking for about 15 minutes, we put the fish fillets that will be well tempered after having been out of the fridge since the beginning of our preparation. For cook them, we leave them for four or five minutes until their color begins to change from pink to white and we turn off the heat, letting them finish for another couple of minutes.

Finished Fish

When the fish is finished, remove the bay leaf, the cooked onion and the parsley and we serve our boiled fish in a platter. We take it to the table and enjoy it piping hot, warning the diners so that they can put aside the pepper berries that have passed us.

How To Boil Fish Doesn't Look Like Hospital

The result is a tasty and very juicy fish, a garnish full of flavor, -especially if instead of with water you make this recipe with fish broth or fumet- and also without having used any fat in the preparation so it is a light recipe suitable for all types of diets.