How to control your Android TV using your phone remote

How to control your Android TV using your phone remote

One of the many advantages that Android is on all your devices is that they can interact with each other. A great example is the possibility of use your phone as a remote for when you forget, lose or the remote is broken or damaged of your Android TV, be it a television or a device that turns your television into “smart”.

So if you don’t have the controller nearby, you can use your phone to open applications, play movies or series, watch videos on YouTube or, in general, do everything that Android TV allows. But by replacing the physical buttons with a app remote control on your phone. You can even combine both if, for example, your physical controller no keyboard or numbers for certain applications that do require them.

The list of remote control apps for Android TV is very extensive. Here are several examples so you can take advantage of your Android phone and use it to control your TV without getting up from the sofa when the controller is out of reach.

Android TV Remote Service

First of all, the official Google app. Android TV Remote Service is the application that makes your Android phone or tablet control your TV or Android TV device.

As usual, the app displays all kinds of controls on the screen. The usual ones to move around the menu and applications, volume control, return to the start menu, request the services of the google assistant or show a keyboard to fill in fields search or forms much faster than with your TV’s default remote.

Android TV Remote Service it works through WiFi and/or Bluetooth, so if one method of pairing your phone and TV doesn’t work for you, try the other. And depending on the version of Android that you have installed on your smartphone, you will find a shortcut for this app in quick settings.

my remote controller

Manufacturers like Xiaomi also offer their own apps to control their Android-based devices, Android TV or Google TV. On this occasion, my remote controller is an application that is used to control all kinds of devices. This includes televisions, DVD players, projectors, etc.

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The peculiarity of this remote control app is that it can be paired with Android TV devices using infrared and/or WiFi. Depending on the type of device, you will prefer one or another option. to use televisions My TV or My Boxbetter wifi.

Another advantage of my remote controller is that it is not limited to Xiaomi phones. You can install it in virtually any phone Android from manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or HTC, in addition to Xiaomi brands such as Redmi.

Zank Remote

Its creators claim that Zank Remote help you remote control android tv devices and Amazon Fire TV over Wi-Fi. In return you will get a potpourri of remote control options for different tasks like typing, controlling a video, controlling music, etc.

By default, with this app you can replace all buttons of your remote control for Android TV. But you will also have other buttons to turn your Android phone screen into a trackpad, a game pad, an alphanumeric keyboard, etc.

If the free ad-supported version of Zank Remote covers your needs, the paid version adds other options, such as air mouse, multimedia controls on the main screen, etc.


With support for infrared and WiFi, UniMote is another great remote control app that turns your android phone into a remote control with buttons that adapt to what you want to do: enter text, type numbers, move around the Android TV menu, manage TV channels or volume…

In the section dedicated to Android TV, it gets along with any manufacturer. As usual for pair via Wi-Fi, you must connect phone and TV to the same WiFi point for them to find each other.

In addition to the remote control buttons, UniMote incorporates the screen mirroring function to show on Android TV what you see on your smartphone. That and also the possibility of sending videos or photos to the TV via Wi-Fi.