Some of the wired headphones that we can acquire from Xiaomi either on its official website, physical stores or even authorized distributors present a specific module from which we will be able to control the music playback of our mobile device at the moment that we have them connected either through its USB-C connection or 3.5mm jack socket.

In principle, the buttons that we find in this module are aimed at being able to raise or lower the playback volume but Did you know that they can be used to control the playback of songs to fast-forward or rewind them?. In this post we are going to show you how you can perform this simple trick to achieve it thanks to the settings offered by the MIUI customization layer.

How to configure your Xiaomi device so that the control of the headphones changes the songs and not the volume

As we already know, MIUI hides inside a large number of options that will help us to have a better experience not only with the device, but also with the accessories that we connect to it.

The setting that we are talking about in this post focuses its operation on being able to toggle control of playback at volume level or song change from the wired headphones themselves, either from Xiaomi itself or from other manufacturers.

To be able to configure it we will only have to:

  • Access the settings of your Xiaomi phone
  • Enter the “Sound and vibration” section
  • Once inside, select the option “Sound Effects”
  • Click on “Buttons on the remote control for headphones”
  • Select the option you prefer between “Control volume level” or “Control music playback”