How to control Lycan in Dota 2

How to control Lycan in Dota 2

Lycan is definitely the closest thing to a wild beast that we can find in Dota 2, practically a werewolf that demonstrates great prowess in combat. It has become popular in the game for its great design where its fangs and claws stand out, also for its characteristics and special abilities that make it completely authentic.

His real name is Banehallow, from Ambry’s house in the Kingdom of Slom. When much of his family was killed for rebelling against the King, the wizards took it upon themselves to turn him into a wolf when he was just a child so that he could eat his own father, but he managed to stay sane and defeat the enemies. After losing his family, Banehallow learned to control his powers half man, half wolf to seek justice. Their abilities seem to be simple to control, but to master them like a professional certain parameters are required that influence the character, and in our complete Dota 2 guide we are going to show you what they are.

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Lycan roles in Dota 2

Lycan characteristics are good for performing roles like Jungle, Tough, and Elusive, This makes it very good at adapting to most situations that may arise in the game. However, it is better to take care of being a Carry and PresserAs his abilities are perfect for making enemies fall back and feel pressure with the attacks he can generate.

Lycan abilities in Dota 2

Dota 2

Lycan abilities in Dota 2

The powers that this character offers are focused on improving the most important factors and disadvantaging the targets in various ways. There is not much science in this, since Lycan is a hunter, so unlike other Heroes, you have to activate skills when you need them, regardless of whether it is in full combat or not.

Summon Wolves

Dota 2

Summon Lycan Wolves in Dota 2

Perform an invocation of a pair of wolves used to attack to enemies. It can be upgraded with the Shard of Aghanim.


Dota 2

Lycan howl in Dota 2

It generates the effect of fear in opponents close to 2000 range of Lycan or the Wolves. This decreases the armor and damage of the enemies.

Feral Impulse

Dota 2

Lycan Feral Boost in Dota 2

Increases the regeneration of Lycan health and damage and his wolves.

Change of form

Dota 2

Lycan Shapeshift in Dota 2

Transforms Lycan into a wolf, considerably increases his speed, damage, increases the chances of deal critical damage and grants True Vision.

Wolf Bite

Dota 2

Lycan Wolf Bite in Dota 2

It is a special ability that unlocked with Aghanim’s scepter, causes Lycan to bite an ally to turn him into a Wolf and increase his characteristics such as life steal and life regeneration, both factors shared between them.

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Lycan talent tree in Dota 2

Dota 2

Lycan Talent Tree in Dota 2

In the talents there are various aspects that can be improved, but at the beginning of the points to be chosen, it is good to first select the ones that are linked to Lycan’s health and some abilities. You can then follow these instructions so that the character can perform well in battles:

  • Level 10: +10 Health Regen for Feral Rush or +13 Damage for Summon Wolves. Life regeneration first.
  • Level 15: +200 Health to Summon Wolves or -15s Shapeshift Cooldown. Both are good options, but possibly the best option is Summon Wolves because it is the skill that you will use the most.
  • Level 20: + 6s duration for Shapeshift or + 25% damage for Feral Rush. Select the one that is most favorable for the moment.
  • Level 25: + 32% chance Critical Hit for Shapeshift or +2 Summoned Wolves. Both are going to be beneficial choices for you, it all depends on what you need in the situation.

Lycan advantages and weaknesses in Dota 2

Lycan is not only good at hunting down enemy Heroes with its incredible offense, but also at go after the Neutral Creeps in the jungle and farm quickly to achieve a high level between the first and second stages of the game. Of course, he’s also good at ambushes to get the most out of the Shapeshifting ability. In fact, he is one of the few Heroes who have the ability to take on Roshan alone due to his attack damage and health regen. Its weaknesses are:

  • He is not the best for team fighting.
  • He needs reinforcements at the beginning of the game.
  • It is difficult to profit from it if you are not level with your enemies.

On the other hand, some of the Heroes with whom he gets along very well to team up are Chen, Nature’s Prophet, and Beastmaster.

Strong heroes before Lycan

  • Bristleback.
  • Beastmaster.
  • Ax.
  • Grimstroke.
  • Enchantress.
  • Kunkka.
  • Phantom Assassin.
  • Omniknight.
  • Sven.
  • Winter Wyvern.

Weak heroes against Lycan

  • Lich.
  • Arc Warden.
  • Techies.
  • Drow Ranger.
  • Ursa.

Items for Lycan in Dota 2

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All items in Dota 2

Lycan is not a character that has many disadvantages, his greatest weakness is not being at the level of his opponents when attacking, and that is why items play a very important roleIt’s time to make the character evolve. To do this, we leave you a list with the best objects for this Hero during the different phases of the game.

First stage (first 15 minutes)

  • Boots of Speed.
  • Plague Stone.
  • Medallion of Courage.

Second stage (between 15 and 35 minutes)

  • Boots of Power.
  • Helm of the Dominator.

Third stage (more than 40 minutes)

  • Assault breastplate.
  • Desolate.
  • Rod of the Black King.

Occasional Objects

  • Blazon Solar.
  • Vladmir’s offering.
  • Mask of Madness.
  • Travel Boots.
  • Heart of Tarrasca.
  • Abyssal Blade.

This is basically all the information you need to know to control Lycan, without a doubt the most difficult of to manipulate it is to make it acquire levels, but if you can be good in the Jungle, everything will be excellent. In the same way, you can equip some relics to continue improving it, although you will need to get Shards in Dota 2 to buy them.

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