In this guide we will tell you how you can connect your Fire Stick to a 5 GHz network, so you can enjoy all the options it has for you, how to see the screen of your Android device on the TV; Many of you have the question of whether this is possible, the answer is a strong: YES! Even first-generation devices can make this connection.

What is the difference between the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands?

These two networks have some differences focused on two important points that you should know before making any changes to your Fire Stick:

  • Coverage: Waves at higher frequencies are attenuated; This means that the 5 GHz network has less coverage and is more sensitive to physical obstacles, unlike the 2.4 GHz band. If you want to have greater coverage, the 2.4 GHz network is convenient for you.
  • Interference: There are many computers that use the 2.4 GHz frequency; This network has only 11 channels, and with greater interference, signal is lost. The 5 GHz network has 23 frequency channels, in addition to fewer devices with which it interferes.

What are the advantages of connecting to a 5 GHz network?

Although these two bands have marked differences, there are many benefits to connecting to a 5 GHz network from your Fire Stick, here are some of them:

More speed

Has higher connection speed and bandwidthDespite having a lower range, the 5 GHz network speed will make your device work quickly, you just have to place it as close as possible to enjoy all the speed.

Reduced interference

When talking about interference we refer to devices that use the same frequency. 2.4 GHz is the most widely used frequency, making the 5 GHz network have fewer connected devices, minimizing interference and increasing speed.

More channels available

The 5 GHz network has 23 channels available which makes it work with incredible speed; unlike the 2.4 GHz network which has 11 channels, 5 GHz offers more speed, less interference and more channels.

What are the disadvantages of the 5 GHz band?

We must take into account all the possibilities and know advantages and disadvantages, so we will make the best decision when connecting to a network, or when we are making the purchase of our Fire Stick, We must always choose the best; Here we mention some disadvantages of the 5 GHz band:

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Short distance

Its speed is incredible, but at close rangeAs the distance increases, the signal decreases; This happens because the waves are attenuated quickly at higher frequencies, damaging a shorter range to the 5 GHz network.

Sensitive to walls

Since it has such a high frequency, it cannot cross obstacles; If they are solid objects, their signal cannot be broadcast, in that case it is recommended that the space be clear of objects that may obstruct the signal.

Fewer supported devices

This point is an advantage, and a disadvantage at the same time. Having fewer compatible devices keeps network interference to a minimum; however, its usefulness is also greatly reduced, since it cannot connect with some devices.

connect to the 5 GHz network

Procedure to connect to the 5 GHz band on Fire Stick

For your Fire Stick to be connected to a 5 GHz band, the first thing you should do is check on the computer a couple of things about the configuration of your Wifi Network. One is that the bands are saved with different names, remember that by default the device will connect to the 2.4 GHz network.

Second, you must verify that the channels are between 35 and 50, in this way the signal will be detected by the device. Now it is time to check that between the router and your device there is not much distance, or objects that can interfere with the signal.

You just have to have the remote in hand and select the home screen. If you have problems with the command or control of the Fire Stick do not worry, you can solve it quickly. With everything under control, you just have to follow these steps to connect to a 5 GHz network:

  1. Select home screen.
  2. Locate the Wi-Fi network option.
  3. Choose the network of your preference.
  4. Enter the password and connect to the 5 GHz network.

What to do if you can’t connect to the 5 GHz network?

what to do if i can't connect to the 5 ghz network

Despite following all of our advice it is possible to have problems when connecting tu device to a 5 GHz networkFor that we have some tips that will help you find the perfect solution.

You can reset your devices, both the router and factory reset your Fire Stick device; after this start with the settings from the beginning.

Check that there are no physical obstacles between the router and your device that could shorten the signal range; if you can place the router close to your device it is better, you will have guaranteed the signal without problems.

Finally, you can change the channel in the network settingsRemember that the options are between 35 and 50. With this simple guide you can have access to a faster network that will give you access to more information in less time.