We explain what each one of them consists of and how to activate them, if you want them on your device.

Apple has always stood out for its emphasis on the stability and security of its system. Despite this initial idea, this has been improving, not only in security but also in user privacy. Speaking of which, there is privacy features in macOS Monterey that may interest you.

Apart from all the new features that this version incorporates to improve the base that imports from macOS BigSur, such as optimization with Apple Silicon, security is another of the most fundamental pillars.

The privacy features of macOS Monterey and how to configure them

If you are interested in knowing more about these options and how to activate them on your Mac, pay attention to the list that follows with all the information in full.

ICloud Private Relay

What is this feature? It is a concept that belongs to the subscription with iCloud +, which allows to protect the user’s privacy when they are browsing Safari. Website providers can access browsing information such as DNS and IP address. This information can be used to identify you and set up a profile of your location and browsing history over time.

What makes Relay private is ensure that user privacy is not seen by anyone, neither web providers nor even Apple itself. Of course, this is true only if you browse with Safari. By activating this function, your actions and data are sent on two independent and totally secure servers. DNS records are encrypted, while create a temporary ID for navigation.

It is an option that is disabled by default and that can be enabled on both iPhone and Mac. To do so on the latter device. Go back to the section “Apple ID” on “System preferences“and look for the option”Private relay“.

Hide my email

This is a feature that is not exclusive to Mac, as it is also on iOS. Apple has developed this feature to solve one of the most common problems when browsing the internet. And it is that the mail usually used to register on different web pages, some more lucrative than others.

This compromises the well-being of your inbox with the unexpected arrival of ads, spam, and messages from strange senders. The artificial intelligence of the email itself is not enough to get all that useless content to your main inbox. A partial solution is the use of temporary emails where you can receive the activation or confirmation emails, and thus save yourself from using your personal one.

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Hide my Email macOS Monterey

This tool allows you to manage subscriptions from the Mail app to web pages that are generated by accepting an activation or confirmation link. With Hide my email, you can have your inbox clean of ads and promotions. What it does is give you the possibility to share unique and random email addresses that forward messages to your main inbox, while keeping personal email private.

To activate it, you just have to access “System preferences“, access the section”Apple ID“and look for the option”Hide my email“After activating it, Safari will recommend that you use this function every time you sign up to make a purchase or to sign up on a website.

Recording indicator

Many Mac models have had a green light to confirm that the device’s camera was recording. This light is physical and is located next to the sensor. Since macOS Monterey there is also an indicator in the software to be aware that the microphone is on and thus avoid confusion.

To check out this feature, go to Control Center icon, located in the upper right corner of the menu bar. In the event that an app is using the microphone, there will be a orange dot next to said icon. If you click on the Control Center, you will be able to see the identity of that app.

Privacy protection in Mail

This feature can also help you protect your privacy. Many of the emails you receive in your inbox have a remote control that lets you allow the sender to use invisible pixels and collect information about you when you read such messages.

They can know when and how many times you have read them, if you have forwarded them, what is your IP address and other information. If this bothers you and you have a Mac, apply this feature to prevent senders from getting information about you. You will have to configure it, but a couple of steps are enough:

  1. In the Mail app on your Mac, select Mail, go into “preferences“and then click”Privacy“.
  2. Choose “Protect activity in Mail“.
  3. If this option is selected, your IP address will not be visible to senders and remote content will be downloaded privately in the background when you receive a message (instead of when you open it).

These are all the privacy features you can have on your Mac if you have macOS Monterey. All are highly recommended to enable, as it significantly improves the security of your device and your account on the internet.

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