How to collect an IMSS disability for COVID permit?

How to collect an IMSS disability for COVID permit?

How is IMSS disability due to COVID paid?

The COVID-19 Permit grants the worker an economic subsidy corresponding to 60% of his salary from the fourth day of disability; disability falls under the rubric of general illness.

For this reason, it is important that when you carry out this process, you provide an email and your CLABE interbank account to receive the corresponding payment.

Remember that when you obtain the COVID-19 Permit, you must notify your employer in order to justify your absence from the workplace.

How and where to collect a disability due to COVID

As the COVID 3.0 Permit is a totally digital procedure, you should know that the insured worker will now be able to receive payment for their disabilities with a deposit to their bank account, without the need to go to the bank as was the case previously.

The new bank account registration service allows the insured to receive the benefit, via electronic transfer, without the need to go to the bank branch and, according to the IMSS, this is the way in which the payment corresponding to the Permit is deposited. COVID-19.

It is possible to register, modify or cancel your CLABE account from the portal DerechoH/escritorio-virtual or by going to your affiliated clinic with:

  • official identification
  • Social Security number
  • bank statement

Therefore, when you carry out this procedure, you must attach the following documents to obtain the COVID-19 Permit:

  • Valid official identification: voting card issued by the INE or IFE, or passport issued by the SRE. You must upload the complete image of the document on both sides and legible.
  • Bank statement: It must contain the applicant’s name and the interbank CLABE (18 numerical digits), and must not be older than 3 months. Just send the front sheet where the data is, you don’t have to send all the pages. Screenshots of digital banking apps are not accepted.
  • Photography: it must be from the front with sufficient light, well focused and that coincides with the official identification (photographs of another photograph or identification will not be accepted).
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