If you use the application, surely you will need to delete the Spotify cache at some point, it does not matter if you use it on a device, some version of the Android or iPhone system.

This app stores certain information in order to improve the service it offers. But, it can take up a large amount of storage space on your computer.

All devices need to do this process, regardless of whether a web page cache is cleared in Google Chrome or when clearing the Google Maps cache on iPhone or Android. Regardless of the app, it is always necessary.

Why does Spotify save this data?

There are two main reasons why this application saves certain information. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a device with free storage greater than 1GB of space. This will avoid having to constantly clear your Spotify cache.

The first use that the app gives to the data is directed to stored the temporary or fragmented versions of the songs that you listen to in streaming.

In this sense, by creating a cache of them you will have an immediate reproduction of the contents. In this way, managing to considerably reduce pauses or interruptions.

The second mode that consumes space is only for Premium users since they are the music files that are downloaded to be played in offline mode.

How to clear Spotify cache quickly from the app?

How to clear Spotify cache iPhone and Android

To free up some of the space that this app consumes on your device, you can delete Spotify’s cache very easily. And don’t worry, this will not affect the basic operation of it.

The best thing about this way of reducing used storage is that you can do it on both iPhone and Android devices. Just follow the steps.

Steps to clear Android cache

To delete the Spotify cache in the application of an Android device, you must press the button for ” Start ” within the same program.

Next, locate the item of the ” Configuration ” or equipment adjustment that, generally, is represented by a gear.

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Within this section, proceed to select the specific tab for ” Storage “. This is where you will see an option to ” Clear cache .”

Finally, it will be necessary for you to press the ” Clear cache ” mode, as only then will you successfully complete the process.

I have Spotify on iPhone

The procedure for iPhone devices is similar. So you must enter the ” Settings ” section within the application, represented by the characteristic gear.

Next, look down until you can see and press the ” Storage ” option; within which, the item for ” Clear cache ” will be positioned.

And, to finish the procedure, you will have to make sure to select the button destined to ” Clear the cache ” and confirm the process through the corresponding pop-up window.

It’s that easy, you will have managed to delete this data and have much more free space on your device, without having affected the operation of Spotify in anything.

How can I find out how much space the cache is consuming?

How to clear Spotify cache iPhone and Android

If you want to know the amount of space that this data is consuming, before proceeding to clear the Spotify cache, you can do it from the same device.

For Android, and in most of its computers, you can know the amount of space that the cache of each application consumes directly from its information.

You do this by accessing the ” Settings ” panel, where you must select the ” Storage ” section and open the option for the app in question.

While, on the iPhone you will have to enter the ” Settings “, in the window for the ” General ” settings, to be able to select the ” Storage “.

In this last window, you will see two sections related to the space that is being occupied, the first for local storage and the second for the cloud.

The one that interests you is the location, so you will have to press on it to know how much space the Spotify application uses for the cache exactly.