The first point to take into account will be the operating system and the characteristics of the terminal, since, if the glasses themselves use a specific app that is only available, for example, for the iPhone, it will not help us. However, it is not usually the most common, since it is usually available in several application stores. Also, we must know if the model we want will be compatible with the terminal we have. So we must pay attention that it is compatible with the mobile panel. That is, if our smartphone has a 6-inch screen, we must make sure that the phone enters this accessory.

Finally, we must pay close attention to the method by which the glasses will be connected, whether through USB type C or another, it is important to know if it is accompanied by a remote control to be able to perform different actions such as Go back or perform an action by pulling the trigger. Also, we will have to see if the design is ergonomic and if its lenses can be adjusted to adapt well to the smartphone.

Is your mobile compatible?

One of the fundamental points that we will need to be able to use VR glasses with any mobile phone, that is, to see content in 360 degrees, is the fact of having an integrated Gyroscope.

This element is what will allow the mobile device to determine both the position and the orientation, therefore, if we do not have this hardware, we will not be able to use any type of virtual reality app. But, do not worry, because today practically all smartphones have this element.

If you doubt about having this option, the easiest thing will be to search the Internet if the smartphone model we have is accompanied by Gyroscope. In case you can’t find it, you can try downloading the Google Cardboard app with which you can check on your own whether or not your smartphone is compatible with 360-degree content. Here are the links for both Android and iOS phones:

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard

How to use them for the first time

After checking each of the previous points that we have mentioned, especially the fact that your smartphone has a gyroscope among its technical characteristics, and that you have decided to buy one, it is the perfect time to see how you can easily use it on your mobile device. Besides that they will always be the same, it will only vary if we have to use one app or another and the connectivity method.

The first step will be to access the virtual reality application that we want to use. To do this, we must enter it from our mobile phone. If you do not have any, you can try the previous app that we have left you, in which you can also check if your terminal is compatible with virtual reality.

After opening this software on the phone, we will have to place the smartphone inside the glasses. For this, be sure to remove the lid well, in addition to that we recommend you look at the instructions that will come with VR goggles. Then, you will have to place the mobile device in such a way that the screen is facing the inside of the accessory, that is, the smartphone will have to be placed so that once we put on the glasses we can see the terminal screen. And, of course, make sure that the terminal is well secured in the support of this accessory.

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Place mobile in VR glasses

In the event that the phone does not fit well, keep in mind that you must remove the case or cover that you carry on the smartphone, since it could be the problem that prevents us fit it properly. In addition, depending on the model, we must connect the glasses with the smartphone through the connector. And, if the glasses you have purchased have a remote controller, you will have to pair it via bluetooth, to do this, follow these steps:

  • In iOS: Settings> activate Bluetooth and click on the remote control to pair it with the mobile
  • On Android: Settings> Connections> enable Bluetooth and search for the remote control.

When we have completed these steps, we must align the terminal screen. For this, we will have to make sure that both in one lens and in another of the RV glasses it looks the same. To get a correct alignment we will see a digital line in the center of the image, as seen in the following image.

Mobile VR

After this, it will be the definitive moment in which we will put them on. Once put, we will have to adjust VR viewer and the straps of the glasses themselves so that they adapt to our head. These should fit snugly, so make sure that when you move your head they don’t move from one side to the other. We can even change the space of the lenses. Finally, it will be time to take action and enjoy virtual reality from our phone.

3 perfect options

As we have been talking about, there are different options within the market of augmented reality glasses, and more and more, as it continues to expand. For this reason, it is important that we show you at least three options that you can easily find. In addition, these options will have different prices, so each user should also look at this aspect and not only if their smartphone is compatible or not with this accessory.

  • FIYAPOO RV Glasses– This particular accessory comes with a stereo headset to further enhance immersion in virtual reality. That, you must bear in mind that it does not have any type of remote control or control. Finally, its price is 44.99 euros.
  • Google Cardboard VR Glasses: this option will be ideal for those users who want to try the virtual world in an economical way from their mobile device, since it only costs 9.99 euros. In this way, it will be the cheapest alternative and it will help us to test it in a very simple way.
  • RV Misisi glasses: This product has both remote control and an affordable price of 34.99 euros, however, it does not have integrated headphones either. Mind you, these VR goggles use eye protection and high-light transmission 2K lenses.