At annual company working days and annual holidays and vacation periods are established. You can also show the distribution of irregular days in the calendar year according to collective bargaining, collective agreements or company. Business days, holidays, and weekends depend on the country, region, and location. In Spain, it is prepared by each company reflecting these data. The holidays add 14 non-working days remunerated and not recoverable.

From them, 12 days of national holidays They are established by the ministry in agreement with autonomous communities and cities. Those who fall into Sunday can be moved to the Monday immediately after or be changed by a party of the autonomous city community, as well as the replaceable nationals. In addition to the 12 national holidays, there are another 2 municipal ones that are determined by the city council. Autonomous communities or cities can add some with recoverable character.

The calendar established by the company must be in accordance with the regulation drawn up annually on non-working days for business purposes and those of each autonomous community and town councils. It must be visible in all work centers for advertising purposes, and it must be prepared every year. The regulation of the Labor Calendar is in the Article 34.6 of the Workers’ Statute and different norms such as article 6.1 of Royal Legislative Decree 5/2000, in article 40 and the first additional provision; Royal Decree 1561/1995 in its third additional provision and collective agreements.

Official sources to consult

You can check the Official State Gazette (BOE) every year when the work calendar for the following year or the one indicated by your company is presented. You will also find it on the Social Security websitel indicating your location. You will indicate the province and exact location and the nationals of the following year will appear in a graph that shows the holiday in different colors depending on whether it is national, regional or local. If you click on the specific day, it will tell you which one it is. Of course, on the web you will only be able to see information on the towns that have Social Security offices.

In this web of the government of Spain you will be able to consult information about the work calendar and find the correspondent, in which the national holidays and by autonomous community are indicated, as well as those of previous years in case you want to know this information.

Spanish government work calendarOn the other hand, another official source where this information is published is the Official Gazette of each autonomous community, so you only have to consult the one in your community to obtain information about your geographical area.

Best alternative websites

It is important that you choose a website that is of your trust, that provides you with updated information and adapts to your search preferences so that you can see it more clearly. You can go to specific websites with this information, even if they are not the official ones, as is the case of Work calendar You only have to find the one that corresponds to your area by writing it down and the corresponding holiday map will appear. This is one of the many websites of this type.

web work calendar

In the Workers Commissions website (CCOO) You will be able to see this information including non-replaceable national holidays and autonomous ones by Autonomous Community, clarifying that the maximum number of annual holidays is 14. Its information is part of the BOE published annually, although it is shown in a more graphic way.

Other sources where to obtain this information are the website of each of the Autonomous communities in the corresponding section provided that the information has already been updated. Each of the communities usually has a website in which they show certain information, including the work calendar for each year, you just have to go to the one in your community or the one that interests you and look for the corresponding section. For example, here you will find the one in Madrid.

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The same happens with the web pages of the different cities or town halls. This way you will get first-hand information, something especially important when the area in which you live does not appear in the aforementioned official sources or you want to make sure that the data matches.

How to put it on your calendar

Even if you know this information, you may want to add it to your calendar to better organize yourself. This way you will more easily see when the next holiday is, you will avoid confusion, you will be able to see the data better or you will have more information about it. For this reason, we will tell you how you can include this data in the service you use the most, as is the case with Google, one of the best known.

If you use another one beyond those that we indicate later, the services themselves have an option that is usually easy to find for include holidays, so exploring a little you can find it. You can also add the Google calendar or others in a service that you use and with which you want to organize, such as Evernote and others.


You can easily add your work calendar in Google by opening the application Google Calendar. In you mobile device, In the upper left, you go to menu and settings. In more gives to Holidays Enter the name of your current country or region or add one to add it. To show only public holidays you will give the same option and where these are shown, give Only public holidays and accept. You can also change the color if you want to differentiate them from other dates and easily recognize them.

google holidays calendar

In you computer, you must go to Other calendars and you will find the one of holidays. Click on Add others and Explore interest calendars. Add the corresponding one. To show only public holidays, go to Settings and go to the same option and in Regional holidays you can see those you have subscribed to. Next to it, you will see the drop-down and you will give Public Holidays Only. If you want to differentiate them, give Options and choose another color.

Outlook for Windows Calendar

This is one of the big competitors of Google Calendar for professionals and companies, as well as for workers. Although you can subscribe to Google Calendar From the app, one of the possibilities you have to obtain this information easily, if you cannot do it for some reason or you are looking for other alternatives, you can use the Outlook calendar, with options very similar to those of Google, but with integration with your email app to see everything from one place and much more.

outlook calendar

When you use the service for the first time you do not have the non-working days, so we will tell you how to add them for your country or several countries. You have to go to ArchiveLater you will find the Options section and then you will select the Calendar. In Calendar options you will give to Add holidays. Activate the box for each country that interests you and click on accept. It’s as simple as taking those little steps.

Apple calendar

Apple’s is a good option that works much better on macOS and iOS, since, although you can access them from the web with iCloud and subscribe with other calendar apps, the experience is much better if it is fully integrated. In the Today view you can see what you have to do each day, although it is not the only thing you can do in this service simple but practical.

mac holidays calendar

To include several, you can click on calendars and select the ones you want to see, click on Holidays to include the Nationals (in Spain or your country) or Birthdays for birthdays. It is very easy to add non-working days in your country from this option activating the option, and you can even set a calendar as the default. You can easily see the holiday and future non-working days from this option.