How to check the credit bureau for free with Condusef

How to check the credit bureau for free with Condusef

What is the Credit Bureau

The Credit Bureau is a Credit Information Society that provides reliable data of people and companies that have had or have some type of credit with financial entities, commercial companies or Multiple Purpose Financial Companies (Sofomes).

Check Credit Bureau free online with Condusef

  • Request a special credit report by mail or by phone 55-53400-999.
  • You must have CURP, INE, RFC and proof of address scanned.
  • Wait for a response and instructions for up to five business days.

Check Credit Bureau at Condusef window

  • Locate the nearest User Service Unit in .
  • Go to the window with your RFC, INE, CURP and proof of address.
  • Upon arrival, request a free consultation from your Credit Bureau.
  • You must fill out a form and provide an email to which the report will be sent to you in a period of five business days.

Other options to consult the Credit Bureau

If you have any questions about your situation in a Credit Information Society, visit the official pages Y .

Beware of fraudulent web pages

The Condusef issued an alert for the existence of the website that seeks to deceive people by offering to delete them from the Credit Bureau or to stop collection legal actions.

The page requests personal data from the user using a format that resembles the Special Credit Report form used by the Credit Bureau, in this way they take the opportunity to obtain information such as: name, address, telephone number, RFC, CURP and email.

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