If you have a Movilnet line, know how to cancel your rent up to date or transferring balance to your family and friends is information that can be very useful to you.

Movilnet offers you several options so that you can enjoy its services, be up to date with your rent payments or recharge your balance. That is why in this article you will learn how to carry out the procedures for consultations, recharges and payments of services on this telephone.

Can my phone balance be shared with another Movilnet?

If you are subscribed to Movilnet services, transferring your balance from one Movilnet phone to another is possible, in the style of Entel. You can easily share balance by text message or recharge I go to Movilnet lines through 3 options that we will comment on now.

All this is done in order that you can have several methods to be able to share or recharge your balance and so that you can always enjoy the services that Movilnet offers yousuch as text messaging, phone calls, and much more.

Affiliated banks

You can share balance recharging from affiliated banks with Movilnet mobile telephony. You just have to enter the bank’s platform and follow the steps indicated for the payment of services.

If you want to know which banks are affiliatedYou can enter the Movilnet website to verify if you can carry out the procedure from your bank.

Web page

In order to transfer balance from Movilnet website, you must enter the site, select the recharge and payments option, choose the service you want to recharge, enter the phone number, the code and click on “Recharge”.


Depending on the affiliated banks, it is possible to recharge from an ATM. You just have to go to the ATM with your debit card, enter your account, go to the refills section and enter the data that the bank asks you (phone number).

How can you check the balance on Movilnet?

You should know that when you want to check your balance, you have three ways to do it, very similar to those of Digitel. You can check balance through the Movilnet app, call or SMS and these free methods apply to both postpaid and prepaid lines.

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By mobile app

When downloading the application from your device, the first thing you should do is open the app, log in and select the “Balance” option that will indicate the available balance of your line, the expiration of your rent and other options, as the balance is consulted through the Movistar application.

By phone call

To check the balance, you must call the number 611, wait for the operator to attend you and dial the number to check the balance and in this way the operator will indicate your current balance.

By SMS message

To check the balance by SMS, the first thing you should do is send a text message to the number 611 with the word SALDO. Then you must wait for an SMS with information about your current balance to arrive and do not worry about the text message because it has no cost.

How to recharge balance from your phone on Movilnet?

Talking to Movilnet

If you want to recharge your balance, the Movilnet company offers you two very simple options so that you can do it yourself. You can choose between recharge your balance just by sending a text message or from the Movilnet platform online.

By text message

For recharges via text messages you must send an SMS to 2661 or 2662, either option is valid. Then you must add the service, Movilnet, the phone number and the amount. Just by following these steps you will have already completed the recharging process.

Movilnet Online

To recharge your balance you must enter Movilnet online from your browser and select the option “Top up and payment”. Subsequently, you must select the service you want to recharge, fill in the fields with the requested data and click on “Recharge”.

Where can I complain if my account balance is not correct?

Claims for an incorrect balance must be made using the customer service method. The contact numbers or email can be found on the Movilnet website so that you can present your complaints and be able to solve your problems with the company.