Twitter has been one of the most popular social networks since its foundation in 2006, this is because the platform offers the option of sharing phrases or information easily and quickly.

The messaging service allows users to post comments, and schedule Tweets, phrases and even “retweet”, that is, share the information previously published by someone else for free. Having as the only requirement to be connected to a Wi-Fi network or an Internet platform.

Twitter developers have been adding new tools over the years. So today it offers all the interaction tools between followers and even more than the messaging services that have been launched on the market today.

How to change Twitter password from my cell phone?

How to change Twitter password on iPhone and Android

The new internet platforms allow us to stay in constant interaction with our family friends and with the whole world. However, no user is exempt from being the victim of unscrupulous people who may steal their information and enter the account of their social networks or other web portals for various purposes.

Due to this situation, Twitter has recommended its users to change the password to log in periodically. And also add special characters or words not related to your person, to make it much more difficult to access the personal information of any individual.

If you are a new user to Twitter or doing advanced settings on your social network is not going very well, it is likely that you have encountered some difficulties when changing your account password. But in fact, the process is quite simple and does not require further knowledge.

Step to change Twitter password from my cell phone

How to change Twitter password on iPhone and Android

The process to change the password in your Twitter account may vary a little from one device to another, this is because there is a version of Twitter for computers and another for mobile devices. Today you will learn how to change it from your cell phone.

  • First, you must go to the Twitter home page (where the most recent tweets are displayed).
  • In case you do not keep the account open, you must enter your username and password as you would normally.
  • Now you will notice that at the top of the page is the icon of your profile photo. This is where you must press to enter the menu of tools available in the App.
  • Select “settings and privacy”, in this option are the settings that allow you to customize your account.
  • Click on “account”. You will notice that this section allows you to modify your username, email, contact mobile phone, security settings and the option that interests us «password».
  • After accessing the password, you must enter the password that your account currently has. Later you can add a new password taking into account special characters such as numbers or symbols.
  • You will have to confirm the new password you have added and click on “update password” for the registration to be successful.
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We recommend that you save your password on some electronic device or page of paper (such as a logbook, journal, or notebook) that you can use in case you forget it.

New security settings on Twitter

There are other settings in Twitter that can help you strengthen the security of your account, such as verifying your email account on the social network. With this option, Twitter will send you notifications in case of detecting an unusual login. Activate two-step verification.

You can also register your phone number to use it in case you forget your account details and need to retrieve them.

It is important that you take into account the details mentioned above, as by using them you can further protect your Twitter account and avoid possible hacks.