How to Change the Photo of my Facebook Profile Keeping the Likes?

How to Change the Photo of my Facebook Profile Keeping the Likes?

As you might think, today each of us use our social networks to do different things during the day, since for example many people monetize through these social networks and earn income for their personal use.

Of course, not all of us use our social networks in this way, since we use them personally to upload the occasional photo to show our friends a good time that we have lived, such as some vacations. But it is also important that we keep our profile picture up to date. Therefore, below we will teach you how can you change your profile picture on Facebook.

Why do your profile photos lose their likes when you change them?

Normally, we change our Facebook profile photo several times in the year, as we like to maintain a good image on our social networks and we always try to innovate with better photos. When we add a new profile photo, our Facebook friends can react to it and in this way we will know the impression that this photo makes on them.

But there is some doubt or discontent that many users have. This is because when they change their profile picture it loses the reactions or likes it already had. Most of the time this happens because the people who had reacted withdraw this reaction or because we decided to delete this photo from our profile photo archive.

What should you do to change your profile picture from a Facebook album so as not to lose likes?

Since you already know the reasons why your profile photos lose their reactions when changing them, we are sure that you want to place one that maintains a certain path and that many of your Facebook friends have liked. So we are going to show you what it is the right way to add this photo from the Facebook photo album and remain as a profile photo.

Album to change your cover photo

If you have decided that it is time to change your profile picture on Facebook, but you want to do it with a photo that you already have in an album and in this way maintain the reactions that it already has, you can do it like this.

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First of all, you will open the facebook app where your account is. Now at the top you will be in the 3-line icon that is the menu, press it and then press your name. You will see your profile photo in a circle and at the bottom there will be a camera icon, touch it and you will get the options: change profile photo, update profile photo and remove profile photo.

Photo album

Press the one that says ‘Update photo’ and the photos section of your Facebook will open from which you will have to choose the photo that you want to add as a profile photo and that already has a good number of reactions, then you will only have to click on change photo and this will be established as your profile photo on Facebook.

How can you change the date of an old profile photo without losing your likes?

As we have been showing you throughout this tutorial, there are several ways to change your profile picture on your facebook account without it losing the reactions it has accumulated during the entire time it has been uploaded as a profile photo.

The first thing you will have to do is go to the publication of the photo. Then, you will click on the three points that are on the publication. Here there will be several options and among them one that says ‘Edit publication’, you are going to select it and you can place or remove any word that it has the writing of the photo and then you are going to click on ‘Publish’.

Then, you will have to go to the beginning of your profile, click on the camera at the bottom of your profile photo and then click on ‘Update profile photo’. Now, you can find the photo you edited and set it as your profile picture. This way, it will have the date when you edited it.